Peco Cross Country Race 1 at Templenewsam Sunday 24 November

Firstly please note that entries for the race close MIDDAY ON FRIDAY.

On race day, the V S gazebo will be on the hill overlooking the start and finish. It is expected to arrive about 8:45. Could those parents first to arrive please help assemble the gazebo.

All race numbers will be in boxes at the gazebo, there will be two boxes for seniors, two for juniors, one box (for each) will be for entries placed on or before 11 November, the other will be for entries placed on or after 12 November. Each box is sorted in alphabetical order of surname (there is a little label on the back of each number, don’t look at the front, it only shows your first name).

Bring 4 pins!  And after the race please remember to keep your number, it will cost £3 for a replacement if you lose it.

All other details (parking, timing, course maps etc) are on the pecoxc website

Over 400 juniors (including 70+ VS) and over 1400 adults (including 90+ VS) have already entered.

It will be very busy, please allow plenty of time to park and walk to the race area.

Hope you all enjoy the event!

Extra Notes for Juniors

If you haven’t yet entered, members should use discount code VSJ19 and waiting list are invited to enter but must pay the full price of £6 for the series.

Richard Irvine will be in charge of handing out the juniornumbers and will be able to describe the course.

The year 2-6 race is at 10:00 and we plan to have a warm-up for our VS competitors at 9:45, please gather by the gazebo. The year 7-11 race is at 10:20, so gather for the warm-up at 10:05.

Extra Notes for Seniors

The men’s race is at 11:00 and the ladies race at 11:10.

Please gather at the gazebo at 10:50 for a team photo (hope someone has a wide lens camera).