London Marathon – Club Places

For those of you who have been unsuccessful in the London Marathon Ballot or fell victim to the GFA cull, we are now taking applications for the club places we will be allocated.

Please email [email protected] if you would like to apply for a place. We will close entries at 10pm on 4th November and there are likely to be 2 places available.

Demand is likely to be greater then the number of places available, so we will follow the selection process set out below. Please let me know if you have any questions.

An initial sift based on the following pass/fail criteria (in priority order):

1) Member for 12 months (1st claim and EA affiliated);
2) Rejection slip/email from this year’s ballot;
3) Not previously had a club place.

If the number of people meeting all of the above criteria exceeds the places we have been allocated then we move onto scoring (only 1 point per area so max score of 4):

1 point for coaching/leading sessions;
1 point for taking on a 2%/committee role/marshaling at MVT or Junior Meanwood Races;
1 point for 4 grand prix races;
1 point for participating in any of the following: club relay teams or cross country (PECO/WYXC/Calderdale/BMW/Yorkshire/Northern/National) .

If there are still more applicants than entries we will pick names out of a hat.