Junior Membership Fees and Peco XC

Parental Responsibility and Safeguarding

We implemented a new website early this year and reviewed and rewrote much of the information for juniors (and parents) https://www.valleystriders.org.uk/juniors/

Before renewing, please read the pages on parental responsibility and safeguarding (welfare). 

Renewing your child’s membership confirms you agree with these responsibilities and understand who to contact if you believe there are safeguarding issues.

Junior Membership Fees

The standard Membership Fee for juniors from 1 September 2019 to 31 August 2020 will be £42.  This fee includes entry fees for 11 races – more details below

Please note that 51 members (yes, 51, which is nearly half) are entitled to a reduction on this fee having run Pudsey and/or Eccup in summer and/or Kirkstall last week and/or are new members since September and have made a downpayment

So, before paying, check this link to see whether your family is entitled a reduction

And if you’re on this list and want to see why you’re entitled to a reduction, click here

If you’re on this list, subtract the number from £42, and then pay this to the membership account (note that the account number is similar, but not the same as, the payments account number)
Account Name: AC Membership
Sort Code: 53-70-00
Account Number: 72143878

Note that children who expect to attend 10 or fewer sessions between 1 September 2019 and 31 August 2020 can claim a further £11 off.

Note that juniors who run in the improvers group and/or adult group have a different scheme, please contact [email protected] for details.

If you’ve any questions, please email [email protected]

There is more explanation later in this email of how the £42 was arrived at and what we will do with this money, but I’m sure you want to know first how to enter Peco.

Entry to Peco Cross Country Series

This consists of 5 meetings between November and March.  There are two junior races at each, approximately 1 mile for school years 3 to 6 (school year 2 may take part if their parent is sure they are capable of running the distance and terrain) and 2 miles for school years 7 to 11.

The dates and locations are in the “Events for Juniors” post on the website
I will be updating this post during the winter and if there are any changes, they will be put in this post.

The dates and locations are also in the events calendar on the website

You can now enter at https://racebest.com/races/utxwx, the cost for the series is £6, the cost for one race is £4.  Juniors who’ve paid their VS membership fee can get this for free by using discount code VSJ19 at the check out page.  However please read the following before entering
– if you’re definitely going to run 2 or more races, please do the series entry
– if you’re definitely only going to run 1 race, please do the single race entry for the one you want to do
– if you’re definitely going to run 1 but might run 1 or 2 more, please do the series entry
– if you’re not sure whether you’ll run any, please don’t enter yet
– note that if you enter the series and don’t run any, we’ll ask for the £6 back
– note that if you use a single race entry you can only use the discount code for your first race
– note that juniors training with the improvers or training with the adults should not use the discount code.

For those who wondered, “Peco” is the sponsor of the series, and is an acronym for Printing and Embroidery Company (but they do a lot more).

If you’ve any questions, please email [email protected]

Setting the membership fee for the year starting 1 September 2019

The Juniors section ended the year with a profit of £74, giving a total available fund of £1,601 on 31st August 2019

The main income was membership fees.  Full year membership was £39 per member of which £22 was standard club fees and £17 was designated as entry fees for 10 races.  These gave incomes of £2149 and £1765 respectively.

The main outgoings were payment to Leos (£1900), payment to GSAL (£304) and awards (25/50/100 training medals and the four half-yearly trophies) (£222). 

As can be seen, the standard club fees fall quite a bit short of the main outgoings.

But of the £1765 of race fees, only £883 was actually spent, leaving £882 contributing to net income for the club.

We could obviously set a flat membership fee of around £30-£32, but we wish to continue to encourage our junior members to take part in events and we deliberately select events that are open to all ages and suitable for all abilities.

For 2019/20 we have added one event (this was at Kirkstall on 29 September, widely advertised in emails and on the website), and we are setting the membership fee at £42, being £22 for standard club membership (i.e. no change) and £20 for race entry fees (adding Kirkstall).

The 11 races included for 2019/20 will be Kirkstall, Peco (5 races), Peco Relays, Meanwood Trail, Pudsey, Eccup and Golden Acre Relay.  These will all be free to enter for V S juniors.

If you’ve any questions, please email [email protected]

Accounts and forecasts – more detail

The juniors section made a small profit (less than £100) in the year just finished.  Based on the £42 membership fee and having examined costs last year and forecast for this, we plan to break even this year.  Our biggest spend for this year (other than to Leos for usage of the fields and clubhouse) is planned to be on a number of coaching courses. 

Here’s more detail of the coming year forecasts

– Income from club component of membership fees £2149 – same as last year
– Net income from race entry component of membership fees £1088 – £206 more than last year
– Grants from Northern Athletics and Leeds Network £0 – £63 less than last year
– Total income is forecast to be £143 more than last year

– Leos £1900 – same as last year
– GSAL £304 – – same as last year
– Awards £222 – same as last year
– Website development  £0 – £270 less than last year
– Club affiliation to England Athletics £43 – same as last year
– Coaching and safeguarding courses £480 – £340 more than last year
– Christmas party contribution £100 – same as last year
– Equipment £30 – £30 less than last year
– Northern & National XC entry fees £160 – £160 more than last year (these were nil last year because events were local)
– Total expenditure is forecast to be £200 more than last year

As we made £73 profit last year, this year’s forecast profit is £73 + £143 – £200 = £16

Note that the Meanwood Trail Race hosted by Valley Striders Juniors last year broke even as all of the £75 profit was donated to Lineham Farm Children’s Centre.  The Christmas Party raffle made a profit of £48, which was donated equally to Lineham Farm and Yorkshire Air Ambulance

These accounts will be presented at the Club AGM at the end of October.  If you’ve any questions, please email [email protected]