Leeds Athletics Network


(this page has been set up because the domain www.leedsathletics.net and the hosting site have both lapsed)

The Leeds Athletics Network was one of around 50 athletics networks set up around the country in 2010 with funding from U K Sport

What Are Athletics Networks?

Athletics Networks are clusters of athletics clubs and running clubs working strategically with other local key partners to develop the sport of athletics in that area. Athletics Networks will be multiple clubs (often comprising of a mixture of track and field and off-track) working together in each area. Athletics Networks will seek to drive up the quality of coaching, links with community groups such as schools, competition in clubs (inter and intra club) and also seek to develop the all round quality of provision within clubs in the network.

Initially the key projects were
· Coaching workshops
· Disability coach mentoring
· Coaching clinics
· Club structure
· Endurance club provision

Over its lifetime it was involved in
· creating 30+ beginner’s groups (which have now evolved to www.runleeds.co.uk)
· organising the Leeds Race Series and Leeds Junior Race Series
· supporting several new clubs to develop and then affiliate to England Athletics

The website as it was at January 2024 can be found at

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