Juniors email 20 Dec 19

– Run in Roundhay Park Fri 27 Dec
– Run by Eccup Res Sun 29 Dec
– Next training
– Northern XC Sat 25 Jan
– National XC Sat 22 Feb
– Peco

No training on Tuesday 24 December

Junior training in Roundhay Park on Friday 27 December

Meet 10a.m. by Lakeside Cafe, then we will split into 2 or 3 groups according to speed.

All groups will run a lap taking in the lower and upper lakes, but the faster group(s) will put extra loops in e.g. over the bridges in the gorge, whereas the slowest group will simply run round both lakes.

There will be lots of stops as we go round to allow slower runners in the group to catch up and faster runners will be encouraged to run back to collect slower runners.

As many parents as possible to run please.  They needn’t run in the same group as their own child or children!

After the lap, we’ll have some Bob’s relays on the field that overlooks the lake up from the Lakeside Cafe.  I’ve bought some extra relay batons so we can have lots of teams.

I will post on Facebook to get an idea of numbers of juniors and also of numbers of adults who can help.  Please post if you are thinking of going.

Open to juniors on the waiting list.

Please check the event details on the website on Thursday evening in case of any changes.

Definitely junior races by Eccup Reservoir on Sunday 29 December

(Unless bad weather)

While the Club Handicap is taking place, we are planning to have a run/race for junior runners. If it happens, then the meeting time will be at the same time and at the same place but we will run across the fields and back after the adults have set off running clockwise round the reservoir. 

Open to juniors on the waiting list.

Here’s a map of the planned 1 mile run/race for juniors (out and back) https://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/2828135479

The Club Handicap for adults will start at 11:00 and we expect all their runners to start before 11:25.  As soon as the last runner has started, we’ll start our run/race in the field at the end of the footpath.

Please meet at 11:00 to watch the adults start, or by 11:20 at the latest otherwise you may miss the junior event.

The adults are holding their race in memory of Terry Midgley and Matthew Adcock by having the option of running in fancy dress with the themes of chef, lifeguard, rugby player or superhero. Fancy dress is encouraged for juniors too!

This junior event should be confirmed by Monday 23rd, and please check the event details on the website on the evening of Saturday 28th in case of any changes.

No training on Tuesday 31 December

Next training

We restart on 7 January and current plans are to have food on 14 and 21 January

Northern XC on Saturday 25 January

These races will be at Camp Hill Estate, Kirklington (near Bedale), DL8 2LS.

It sounds a long way away but is only 30 minutes from Wetherby.

Minimum age is 11 on race day.  Junior entry cost is £7  Entries are via the club.  Entries need to be in by Tuesday 7 January.  Please email back if interested.

Click https://www.race-results.co.uk/results/2020/infonaxc20.pdf for full details

We had 9 juniors at the Northerns in January 2019 and hope to have more this year.

National XC on Saturday 22 February

These races will be at Wollaton Park, Nottingham, NG8 2AE

This is a bit further than Bedale but the good news is that the club will pay all entry fees – on condition that you do run (if you enter and don’t run it will cost you £9).

Minimum age is 11 on race day. Entries are via the club.  Entries need to be in by Tuesday 7 January.  Please email back if interested.

Click https://www.englishcrosscountry.co.uk/the-national-cross-country-championships  for full details and click on “NATIONALS” in the top bar to get information.

Peco XC Sunday 19 January

This will be at Crimple Valley, Harrogate.

General details will appear here http://pecoxc.co.uk/pages/race3.html .

Results of event 2 can be found at http://pecoxc.co.uk/pages/race2.html

48 VS juniors running in cold and windy conditions. Many junior members ran the Leeds Schools event (also at Middleton Park) the day before in even worse conditions – those who ran both are applauded for bravery (and hopefully won’t have caught flu in time for Xmas), those who ran LSAA but decided to skip Peco are excused.

Cumulative results after event 2 can be found at http://pecoxc.co.uk/pages/junior_results.html

76 VS juniors have now run one or both races in the Series.

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas to all junior members and to parents too, and hope to see many of you at one of our two “events” between Christmas and New Year.