Junior membership renewals, rates and discounts January 2024

At the club AGM on 16 January 2024 I presented a report on the juniors section https://www.valleystriders.org.uk/juniors-report-for-agm-2023/

Included in this was the proposal for membership fees for 2024.

Membership fees for juniors for the year 1 January to 31 December 2024 will be:

  • Junior full membership (weekly training) £40 (no change)
  • Junior limited training (10 sessions or fewer) £20 (no change). It is permissible for parents to choose this at the beginning of the year and then pay an extra £20 if/when their child has come to 10 sessions to convert to full membership.
  • Juniors school year 1 will also be charged £20 but with no limit on sessions – there are no races accepting this age group in the first 8 months of the year and we offer training sessions to them when spaces permit and when ground conditions are suitable, hence the reduced rate.
  • Junior social membership (no training, no competition other than parkrun) £5 (no change)
  • Juniors reception year and younger will also be charged £5 but with no limit on sessions – there are no races accepting this age group in the year and we offer training sessions to them when spaces permit and when ground conditions are suitable, hence the reduced rate.

Regarding juniors who compete in West Yorkshire League and higher competition for which England Athletics affiliation is mandatory or who compete in adult events such as the Leeds 5k at the Brownlee Centre … they will need pay an additional £21 to cover the EA and Northern Athletics affiliation fees. This can be paid now but is not required until entering their first event .

Note that older juniors who don’t come to junior training sessions may find it cheaper to join as “Young Adults”, please email to [email protected] for information.

Some good news – most of you are entitled to some discounts on the above fees. The next 3 paragraphs explain how these discounts have been calculated, but you can skip these and just look at the table to see if you are entitled to any!

Between 2017 and 2019 we had included in the membership fee the entry fees to selected local races as an incentive to try these / take part. The races included in the scheme were all local and all suitable for all abilities. Unfortunately, the scheme fell apart in March 2020 when all races were cancelled and we felt obliged to return the value of these entry fees when members renewed for 2021.

We still want to continue this type of incentive but have now decided to do this retrospectively if profits from the previous year allow us to do so. The method will be a discount on the following year’s membership fees. We did this for 2022 and 2023 and will do so again for 2024.

In 2022/23 the junior section made a profit of £279 so we do have the funds to do it this year.

The races which had been selected were the six Peco Races (£1.50 per race for the races in January(2), February, November and December(2) 2023) and the Eccup Junior Races in June 2023 (£4), the Wetherby junior race (£3) and the Abbey Dash junior race (£3), a total value of £19 if running all of them. Note also that entry fees for the Peco Relays 2023 and Golden Acre Relay 2023 were paid by the club at time of entry, so those members who took part in all 11 will have had “free” entries worth £23.

Additionally, anyone running in a Northern or National event for a club team is awarded an additional race discount of £10 (NB in previous years race fees were paid by the club)

These discounts are capped

– firstly to a maximum of 50% of the membership fee paid in 2023. e.g. if someone was a full member for the full year in 2023 (£40), the maximum discount received would be £20. If they had joined in April 2023 (£30), the maximum would be £15. If they’d joined as a limited training member for the full year (£20); d the maximum discount would be £10

– secondly to a maximum of 50% of the fee they are paying in 2024 e,g, if they’d been a full member for the full year in 2023 (£40) but were changing to be a limited training member in 2024 (£20) the maximum discount would be £10

Membership fees are now due. Please look in the table below.

  • for full membership (code J), please pay £40 (plus £21 if you’re renewing your EA now – code JF) less any discounts
  • for limited training membership (code JL), please pay £20 (plus £21 if you’re renewing your EA now – code JLF) less any discounts
  • for social membership (code JS), please pay £5 (no discounts)

Pay to “VSAC Membership” Account number 72143878 Sort code 53-70-00. Please put your name in the reference. (Note that if your bank performs payee name checks, then the account name above may come up as “VALLEY STRIDERS ATHLETICS CLUB”.)

If you wish to resign from the club or discuss your situation (e.g. if you want to change from J to JL or vice versa), then please email [email protected]

Thank you!

Table below shows

  • name
  • expected membership category for 2024
  • TOTAL to pay for 2024, being
    • basic fee for 2024
    • plus E A affiliation fee for 2024 (if applicable … and optional to pay now)
    • minus race discount
  • the remaining columns show which races were run in 2023

(use the “Search” box to find your name quickly)

NameSugg- ested Memb Cat 2024TOTAL TO PAY 2024Standard Memb Fee 2024EA affil 2024 (JF & JLF)Calc Disc 2024Memb Cat 2023V S Fee Paid 2023 (excl. EA)Max disc 2024 (50% VS Fee)Total of race entry fees 2023Peco Jan 2023 £1.50Peco Jan 2023 £1.50Peco Feb 2023 £1.50Eccup June 2022 £4Weth Mini Mara £3Abby Jnr Race £3Peco Nov 2023 £1.50Peco Dec 2023 £1.50Peco Dec 2023 £1.50North & Nat Events £10North XC JanNat XC FebNat XC Rly Oct
Niamh ArchboldJ28.5040.0011.50J36.6618.0011.504.003.001.501.501.50
Alfie BallJ35.5040.004.50J40.0020.004.501.501.501.50
Grace BallJ35.5040.004.50J40.0020.004.501.501.501.50
Indi BanerjeeJF56.5040.0021.004.50JF40.0020.004.501.501.501.50
Eve BartonJ32.5040.007.50J40.0020.007.501.501.501.501.501.50
William BartonJS5.005.00JS5.004.501.501.501.50
Bertie BellJ28.5040.0011.50J40.0020.0011.501.501.501.504.001.501.50
Jasper BennettJL17.0020.003.00JL20.0010.003.001.501.50
Jenson BennettJ34.0040.006.00J40.0020.006.001.501.501.501.50
Poppy BennettJL20.0020.00JS5.00
Helena BolhasaniJ37.0040.003.00J13.336.003.001.501.50
Nichola BolhasaniJ37.0040.003.00J13.336.503.001.501.50
Alice BonnerJ40.0040.00J40.0020.00
Abigail BottomleyJ25.0040.0015.00J40.0020.0015.001.501.501.503.003.001.501.501.50
Dan BreedonJF49.5040.0021.0011.50JF23.3311.5011.501.5010.00Y
Evie BrownJ38.5040.001.50J40.0020.001.501.50
Kirsten BrownJ38.5040.001.50J40.0020.001.501.50
Imogen BurtonJ31.0040.009.00J40.0020.009.001.501.501.501.501.501.50
Rafael BurtonJS5.005.00JS5.004.501.501.501.50
Conor ButterworthJF51.0040.0021.0010.00JF40.0020.0010.001.504.003.001.50
Isla ButterworthJF41.0040.0021.0020.00JF40.0020.0021.501.504.003.001.501.5010.00Y
Joel CalebJF49.5040.0021.0011.50JF40.0020.0011.501.5010.00Y
William CalebJF51.0040.0021.0010.00JF40.0020.0010.0010.00Y
Gus CawcuttJ30.0040.0010.00J40.0020.0010.0010.00Y
Jacob ColemanJ35.5040.004.50J13.336.504.503.001.50
Athena CooperJF61.0040.0021.00JF40.0020.00
Erin DaviesJ40.0040.00J40.0020.00
Chloe DeakJ32.5040.007.50J40.0020.007.501.501.501.501.501.50
Emmy DeverillJ31.0040.009.00J40.0020.009.001.501.501.501.501.501.50
Thomas DeverillJ35.5040.004.50J40.0020.004.501.501.501.50
Harry DurbinJF61.0040.0021.00JF30.0015.00
Betsy EarlJ40.0040.00JS5.00
Hugo EarlJ40.0040.00J40.0020.00
Emmy ForsterJ38.5040.001.50J23.3311.501.501.50
Sebby ForsterJL20.0020.00JS2.50
Daniel FotherbyJL20.0020.00JL20.0010.00
Michael FotherbyJL20.0020.00JL20.0010.00
Leo FreerJ31.5040.008.50J40.0020.008.501.501.504.001.50
Poppy FreerJL20.0020.00JS5.00
Ruth FriendJ26.0040.0014.00JF36.6618.0014.004.0010.00Y
Benjamin GostlingJ40.0040.00J40.0020.00
James GostlingJF51.0040.0021.0010.00JF40.0020.0010.0010.00Y
Izzy GrosvenorJ35.0040.005.00J10.
Thomas GrosvenorJ32.5040.007.50J40.0020.007.501.501.501.501.501.50
Leo GuppyJ38.5040.001.50J20.0010.001.501.50
Ollie HallJS5.005.00JS5.00
Caitlyn HartleyJF41.0040.0021.0020.00JF40.0020.0029.001.501.501.504.
Jorgie HartleyJL20.0020.00JL20.0010.00
George HendersonJ40.0040.00J40.0020.00
Reuben HerbertResJ40.0020.00
Lola HillJL20.0020.00JL20.0010.00
Alice Hirst-SewellJ28.5040.0011.50J40.0020.0011.501.501.501.504.001.501.50
Harriet Hirst-SewellJ28.5040.0011.50J40.0020.0011.501.501.501.504.001.501.50
Emelia HolroydJ36.0040.004.00J30.0015.004.004.00
Lotte HostertJ37.0040.003.00J10.
Freya HunterJL20.0020.00JL20.0010.00
Lars HunterJL20.0020.00JL20.0010.00
Ella JobsonJ40.0040.00J40.0020.00
Fin JonesJL18.5020.001.50JL20.0010.001.501.50
Freddie JonesJL20.0020.00JL20.0010.00
Jacob JonesJL18.5020.001.50JL20.0010.001.501.50
Arpita KaulgudJ34.5040.005.50JF20.0010.005.504.001.50
Caleb KeeneJ40.0040.00J40.0020.00
Samuel KeeneJ40.0040.00J40.0020.00
Abigail KingstonJS5.005.00JS5.00
Rebecca KingstonJS5.005.00JS5.00
Ella LimJL20.0020.00JL20.0010.00
Felix LinleyJ40.0040.00J40.0020.00
Sophie LovellJS5.005.00JS5.00
Oliver LubieckiJF58.0040.0021.003.00JF40.0020.003.001.501.50
Austin LyonsJ40.0040.00J40.0020.00
Charlotte LyonsJ40.0040.00JS5.00
Eaden LyonsJF56.5040.0021.004.50JF40.0020.004.501.501.501.50
Owen MaghairehJ40.0040.00J40.0020.00
Ava MclarkeyJ34.0040.006.00J13.336.506.003.001.501.50
Nia MclarkeyJL20.0020.00JS1.67
Samuel MclarkeyJ32.5040.007.50J23.3311.507.503.001.501.501.50
Rafferty MirfinJS5.005.00JS5.00
Flo MorrisJF57.0040.0021.004.00JF20.0010.004.004.00
Ernest MulleyJ40.0040.00J23.3311.50
Stan MulleyJ40.0040.00J36.6618.00
Edward NaboznyJL20.0020.00JL20.0010.00
Arabella NancolasJS5.005.00JS4.009.001.501.501.503.001.50
George NancolasJL15.5020.004.50JL18.009.004.501.503.00
Harry NdawulaJ34.0040.006.00J40.0020.006.001.501.501.501.50
Freya NicklinJ40.0040.00J40.0020.00
Tilly O'BrienJ40.0040.00J30.0015.00
Søren PailorJ28.5040.0011.50J40.0020.0011.501.501.504.001.501.501.50
Emily ParbuttJ24.0040.0016.00J40.0020.0016.001.501.501.504.003.001.501.501.50
Laurie PhillipsJ40.0040.00J23.2311.50
Harry PickJ38.5040.001.50J40.0020.001.501.50
Freddie PortmanJ40.0040.00J40.0020.00
George RedmondJ38.5040.001.50J40.0020.001.501.50
Sam RedmondJF59.5040.0021.001.50JF40.0020.001.501.50
Ewan ReidJF42.5040.0021.0018.50JF40.0020.0018.501.501.501.504.0010.00Y
Kirsten ReidJ38.5040.001.50J40.0020.001.501.50
Kyle ReidJ37.0040.003.00J40.0020.003.001.501.50
Zak ReismanJF61.0040.0021.00JF40.0020.00
Harry RichardsJ40.0040.00JS1.00
Ruby RichardsonJ40.0040.00J40.0020.00
Harriet RobertsJ38.5040.001.50J23.3311.501.501.50
Dillon RollingsJ37.0040.003.00J40.0020.003.001.501.50
Henry RollingsJ32.5040.007.50J40.0020.007.501.501.501.501.501.50
Jess RollingsJF59.5040.0021.001.50JF40.0020.001.501.50
Isaac RuggJ40.0040.00J40.0020.00
Elliot RushgroveJ38.5040.001.50J36.6618.001.501.50
Josh SalmonJ36.0040.004.00J36.6618.004.004.00
Ella ShanksJL10.0020.0010.00JL20.0010.0013.001.501.501.504.001.501.501.50
Freddie ShanksJS5.005.00JS4.00
Edward SharpJ33.0040.007.00J36.6618.
Sophie SharpJ40.0040.00JL13.336.50
Lucy SheenJ34.0040.006.00J40.0020.006.001.501.501.501.50
Thomas SheenJ40.0040.00J40.0020.00
Charlie SmithJ38.5040.001.50J40.0020.001.501.50
Jamie SmithJL20.0020.00JL20.0010.00
Reggie SmithJ35.5040.004.50J40.0020.004.501.501.501.50
Connie SteereJL20.0020.00JL20.0010.00
Jonah SteereJ31.0040.009.00J40.0020.009.001.501.501.501.501.501.50
Seth SteereJ31.0040.009.00J40.0020.009.001.501.501.501.501.501.50
Solomon SteereJ31.0040.009.00J40.0020.009.001.501.501.501.501.501.50
Keira SykesJF59.5040.0021.001.50JF40.0020.001.501.50
Abi TaylorJ40.0040.00J20.0010.00
Ben TaylorJ40.0040.00J20.0010.00
Simeon TeddJLF31.0020.0021.0010.00JLF23.0011.5010.0010.00YYY
Alfie ThomasJ38.5040.001.50J26.6713.001.501.50
Gus ThomasJ38.5040.001.50J26.6713.001.501.50
Lola ThomasJ40.0040.00JL13.456.50
Bea Traviss-TurnerJ35.5040.004.50J40.0020.004.501.501.501.50
Edgar Traviss-TurnerJ34.0040.006.00J40.0020.006.001.501.501.501.50
Hugo Traviss-TurnerJL20.0020.00JL20.0010.00
Joseph UrquhartJF52.0040.0021.009.00JF40.0020.009.001.501.503.001.501.50
Arthur VenningJ31.5040.008.50J40.0020.008.501.504.001.501.50
Mary VenningJ31.0040.009.00J40.0020.009.001.501.501.501.501.501.50
James WalkerJ34.5040.005.50J40.0020.005.504.001.50
Lucy WalkerJ33.0040.007.00J40.0020.007.001.504.001.50
Dora WalmsleyJ35.5040.004.50J40.0020.004.501.501.501.50
Rex WalmsleyJ40.0040.00JL20.0010.00
Alaska WardJ40.0040.00J23.3311.50
Autumn WardJ40.0040.00J23.3311.50
Melissa WardJL20.0020.00JL20.0010.00
Natalie WardJ38.5040.001.50J40.0020.001.501.50
Isabelle WattJ32.5040.007.50J40.0020.007.501.501.503.001.50
Maddie WhiteJ40.0040.00J40.0020.00
Joseph WhitehouseJF58.0040.0021.003.00JF40.0020.003.001.501.50
Sammy WhitehouseJF56.5040.0021.004.50JF40.0020.004.501.501.501.50
Harry WhittakerJF46.5040.0021.0014.50JF33.3316.5014.503.001.5010.00Y
James WhittakerJS5.005.00JS1.
Louis WilliamsonJ40.0040.00J36.6618.00
Ruby WilsonJ25.5040.0014.50J40.0020.0014.501.501.504.003.001.501.501.50
Barney WoodgerJ40.0040.00JL15.007.50
Levi WoodgerJ31.0040.009.00J40.0020.009.001.501.501.501.501.501.50
Esther YansanehJL20.0020.00JS5.00
Ezzie YansanehJL20.0020.00JL20.0010.00
Zeekie YansanehJL20.0020.00JL20.0010.00