Golden Acre Park Relay 2021

Tuesday 6th July 2021 witnessed the return of the ever-popular Golden Arce Park relay race. The evening began with the Junior Race at 18:30, followed by the Senior Race at 19:00. Both races comprised three legs over undulating trail: the juniors running 3 X 1 mile (approximately), and the seniors running 3 X 2.80 miles.

Valley Striders AC entered a total of 11 senior teams and 12 junior teams – the latter making up an astonishing 1/3 of the field!

The event provided the perfect opportunity for teams to run a competitive race, but equally a fantastic introduction to racing and relays for some of our newer members. Senior teams were organised amongst individuals, where a suite of brilliant and imaginative team names reflected in team performance that evening.

Well done to Dan Fisher, Gary Mann, and John Shanks (AKA FisherMann&Friend) for finishing in first place in the Male Vets category.

A complete set of Senior and Junior race results can be found on the Abbey Runners website:

LegIndividual overall positionBib no.NameTeam NameCategoryTimeNet time after legPosition
12311ADaniel FisherFisherMann&FriendMale Vets00:15:5500:15:557
22911BGary MannFisherMann&FriendMale Vets00:16:1100:32:067
31911CJohn ShanksFisherMann&FriendMale Vets00:15:5100:47:577
19145ASimon VallanceThe Golden AchersMale Vets00:17:4400:17:4414
24845BTim StraughanThe Golden AchersMale Vets00:16:5200:34:3614
35245CJames TarranThe Golden AchersMale Vets00:16:5800:51:3414
19540ASarah ShanksMcVittie Biscuit TrioFemale Open00:17:5100:17:5130
27640BSamantha HarrisMcVittie Biscuit TrioFemale Open00:17:3000:35:2130
310440CHannah McvittieMcVittie Biscuit TrioFemale Open00:18:0700:53:2830
113238ARichard AdcockNot Last To EnterMale Open00:18:5300:18:5336
23138BSam StoreyNot Last To EnterMale Open00:16:1400:35:0736
314938CIan SandersonNot Last To EnterMale Open00:19:1600:54:2336
18820APaul FotherbyVS: Run For FunMale Open00:17:4300:17:4338
216420BSean FitzgeraldVS: Run For FunMale Open00:19:3700:37:2038
39320CVernon LongVS: Run For FunMale Open00:17:4600:55:0638
120351AStuart WiggansWe Showed UpMixed00:20:1800:20:1851
212551BRachel BentleyWe Showed UpMixed00:18:4000:38:5851
315951CAmelia LaxtonWe Showed UpMixed00:19:2400:58:2251
115644ALaura DuffieldValley StravasFemale Open00:19:2000:19:2061
220744BPip TrevorrowValley StravasFemale Open00:20:1900:39:3961
319344CRachel DavidsonValley StravasFemale Open00:20:0700:59:4661
119746ASean CookCalder Valley StridersMale Vets00:20:1200:20:1267
222946BIan LenihanCalder Valley StridersMale Vets00:20:5000:41:0267
320946CSean CookCalder Valley StridersMale Vets00:20:2001:01:2267
121165AChloe HudsonValley PuddingsFemale Vets00:20:2500:20:2570
219265BStephanie GledhillValley PuddingsFemale Vets00:20:0600:40:3170
324365CSue SunderlandValley PuddingsFemale Vets00:21:1701:01:4870
131441ARebecca SegalHappy ValleyFemale Open00:23:4100:23:4184
221741BKinga BugajskaHappy ValleyFemale Open00:20:3400:44:1584
322641CAlex Watson-UsherHappy ValleyFemale Open00:20:4701:05:0284
1306119ALeila KaraNorfolk & ChanceMixed00:23:1800:23:1898
2172119BAndy WicksNorfolk & ChanceMixed00:19:4300:43:0198
3351119CBob JacksonNorfolk & ChanceMixed00:25:2501:08:2698