Golden Acre 18 July 2023 Junior Teams

Here are the teams (see table at bottom of page) (updated 15/07/23)

We currently have 26 teams, …

… plus 1 runner who will just run leg 1 unless he has been called up to sub in another team.

All teams are of 3 runners, for the junior relay each run 1 mile, for the adult relay they each run 2.75 miles.

I’ve tried to keep the teams simple, so

  • generally separate teams for boys and girls
  • generally separate teams for the three age categories (years 2-4, 5-7, 8-12)
  • mixed teams (at least one boy and at least one girl) are permitted and I’ve created several of them
  • mixed age group teams (years 2-7) are permitted but are classed as the older age group and I’ve had to create a couple of them
  • if possible, keep friends together and keep those that train in the same group together

Please comment to [email protected] or on the Facebook post if

  • you’re on the list but no longer available
  • you’re not on the list but would like to run
  • you’re on the list but would like to run with someone different.

Just post a “thumbs-up” if you are happy with the team(s) you are in

Let me know ASAP. After 13 July I will only make changes if essential i.e. if someone drops out.

General Information

Age groups for junior relay,
– for a “younger” team all members must be school years 2 to 4
– for an “older” team all members must be school years 2 to 7
– i.e. younger runners may run in an older team but not vice versa.
School years 8 to 12 run as a “young adult” team in the adult relay.

Teams may be all boys, all girls, or mixed.

V S will manage the teams and pay for all the entries for 2023.

Arrangements on the night

  • The race starts at 6:30pm
  • All junior team members should arrive at race HQ by 6:00 at the latest
  • You’ll need to arrive at the East car park (off Arthington Road) by 5:45 (hopefully this car park won’t be full by then but it will be very busy)
  • if you need to use the toilets it may be better to park in the Main car park (off Otley Road) and walk through from there as your walking route will pass the toilets
  • Come to the Valley Striders banner and meet your team members
  • (I’m looking for 5 parents to help with this, 2 to get the teams 1 to 12 matched, 2 to get teams 13 to 24 matched and 1 to get the young adults (years 7 and older) running in the adult race)
  • At 6:10 we’ll see who is missing and possibly reorganise teams so that if a first leg runner is missing we’ll shuffle the other team members forward or, if a lot missing, drop them and merge those who have turned up. Please please arrive by 6:00 at the latest
  • At 6:20 a 5 minute warmup, especially for the first leg runners
  • First leg runners will be called to the start at 6:25 for a briefing. It is likely that all runners will be called to the briefing.
  • All teams are likely to finish before 7pm
  • Presentations will be about 7:15pm (after the adults race has started)

Team Lists – note that the team numbers are NOT your race numbers – I will advise these nearer the day.

01 younger boys Jenson Bennett, Josh Salmon, Stan Mulley
02 younger girls Erin Davies, Abigail Bottomley, Emmy Deverill
03 older mixed Flo Morris, Harry Whittaker, Harry Durbin
04 younger mixed Caleb Keene, Dora Walmsley, Samuel Keene
05 older boys Eaden Lyons, Sammy Whitehouse, Ewan Reid
06 older girls Eve Barton, Arpita Kaulgud, Emily Parbutt
07 younger boys Austin Lyons, Leo Freer, Levi Woodger
08 older mixed Arthur Venning, Mary Venning, Bertie Bell
09 older girls Chloe Deak, Niamh Archbold, Isabelle Watt
10 younger boys Kyle Reid, Charlie Smith, Samuel McLarkey
11 younger boys George Redmond, Louis Williamson, Hugo Earl
12 older boys Isaac Rugg, Harry Ndawula, James Walker
13 older girls Grace Ball, Lucy Sheen, Imogen Burton
14 older boys Søren Pailor, Seth Steere, Solomon Steere
15 older mixed Caitlyn Hartley, Rafa Burton, Ruth Friend
16 younger boys Reggie Smith, Jonah Steere, Ernest Mulley
17 younger girls Autumn Ward, Alaska Ward, Ella Shanks
18 older boys Thomas Sheen, Alfie Ball, George Henderson
19 older mixed Ruby Wilson, Emelia Holroyd, Gus Thomas
20 younger boys Elliot Rushgrove, Edward Sharp, Alfie Thomas
21 younger boys Henry Rollings, Thomas Deverill, Thomas Grosvenor
22 younger girls Emmy Forster, Lucy Walker, Laurie Phillips
23 older mixed Dillon Rollings, Jess Rollings, Ben Taylor
24 younger mixed, Leo Guppy, TBA, TBA

X young adult boys Conor Butterworth, Joseph Urquhart, Sam Redmond
Y young adult boys Zak Reisman, Gus Cawcutt, Felix Linley
Z young adult mixed Joseph Whitehouse, Kirsten Reid, TBA

Which team am I in?

Teams starting with J are in junior race, teams starting with A are in the adult race

The letter at the end (A/B/C) represents you running order

J09B Niamh Archbold
J18B Alfie Ball
J13A Grace Ball
J06A Eve Barton
J08C Bertie Bell
J01A Jenson Bennett
J02B Abigail Bottomley
J13C Imogen Burton
J15B Rafael Burton
AXA Conor Butterworth
AYB Gus Cawcutt
J02A Erin Davies
J09A Chloe Deak
J02C Emmy Deverill
J21B Thomas Deverill
J03C Harry Durbin
J11C Hugo Earl
J22A Emmy Forster
J07B Leo Freer
J15C Ruth Friend
J21C Thomas Grosvenor
J24A Leo Guppy
J15A Caitlyn Hartley
J18C George Henderson
J19B Emelia Holroyd
J06B Arpita Kaulgud
J04A Caleb Keene
J04C Samuel Keene
AYC Felix Linley
J07A Austin Lyons
J05A Eaden Lyons
J10C Samuel McLarkey
J03A Flo Morris
J16C Ernest Mulley
J01C Stan Mulley
J12B Harry Ndawula
J14A Søren Pailor
J06C Emily Parbutt
J22C Laurie Phillips
J11A George Redmond
AXC Sam Redmond
J05C Ewan Reid
AZC Kirsten Reid
J10A Kyle Reid
AYA Zak Reisman
J23A Dillon Rollings
J21A Henry Rollings
J23B Jess Rollings
J12A Isaac Rugg
J20A Elliot Rushgrove
J01B Josh Salmon
J17C Ella Shanks
J20B Edward Sharp
J13B Lucy Sheen
J18A Thomas Sheen
J10B Charlie Smith
J16A Reggie Smith
J16B Jonah Steere
J14B Seth Steere
J14C Solomon Steere
J23C Ben Taylor
J20C Alfie Thomas
J19C Gus Thomas
AXB Joseph Urquhart
J08A Arthur Venning
J08B Mary Venning
J12C James Walker
J22B Lucy Walker
J04B Dora Walmsley
J17B Alaska Ward
J17A Autumn Ward
J09C Isabelle Watt
AZA Joseph Whitehouse
J05B Sammy Whitehouse
J03B Harry Whittaker
J11B Louis Williamson
J19A Ruby Wilson
J07C Levi Woodger