Email to parents 25 September 2023

This email contains notes on training for October, information about the Peco cross country league and information about the West Yorkshire cross country league.

Please do not reply to this email nor store this email address in your address book as this email address is only used for outbound bulk emails, instead reply to Facebook posts or email [email protected] .

This email is being sent to parents of junior members and junior prospective members who have attended at least 1 training session in 2023

Training for October

The booking form is now available complete the form by Thursday 28 September if you want to come to the session on Tuesday 3 October.

The booking form contains a new section to sign which applies all year round but is particularly relevant after the clocks go back next week as the fields and car park will be dark.

I understand that I am responsible for assuring myself of the welfare of my child during the session

I understand that if I am not going to be helping or watching on the rugby field I will:

a.      let the leader know when I hand over my child and inform them where I will be onsite. I will also fill in the form by the clubhouse with my phone number, the make, colour and registration number of my car and which carpark I am based in.

b.      also be at the edge of the rugby field before the end of the session to collect my child

c.      if I have to go offsite I will nominate another parent to be responsible for my child. I will let the leader know, and will fill in my details on the form by the clubhouse.

Note that point (b) is not on the booking form but it is important as it is not the leader’s responsibility to bring your child back across the car park and find you in your car.

Note to prospective members  – I will continue to fit you in whenever  possible bearing in mind ground conditions and keeping group sizes manageable – all of our group leaders are volunteers!

Events for Autumn/Winter 2023/24

I will frequently update a page on our website – please take a look from time to time

Peco Cross Country League

This league is for school years 2 to 11 and is definitely suitable for all abilities.  There are 5 races in the series.  All races are on Sundays.  Years 2 to 6 run approximately 1 mile at 10:00 and years 7 to 11 run approximately 2 miles at 10:20. There is a 6th race, a relay, at the end of the season.  The series will cost £8 to enter and this price includes the relay.

The provisional dates are 12 November, 3 December, 17 December, 28 January, 18 February and 10 March

We hope (expect?) that all of our members will run at least a couple of races.  Runners get a memento if they run all 5 races in the league.  As a very minor incentive (it’s the thought that counts), the club will refund £1.50 for every race you run via next year’s membership fee.

Note that entry is not yet open. I will let you know by Facebook, or look for updates to or or

West Yorkshire Cross Country League

Wanted! school years 5 and 6 runners

We recommend the Peco League XC to all of our members.  And I know that many of you run in the Leeds Schools Athletics Association XC League on Saturday mornings (first race Saturday 30 September).

The West Yorkshire Cross Country League (WYXCL) is the next step up for club runners.  This takes in clubs in West Yorkshire (surprise!) and a few beyond such as City of York and Skipton.  The youngest age group is Under 11 (years 5 & 6).

There are 4 meetings – 3 Sundays and 1 Saturday and the U11 races are at 11:45, distance 1500 to 1800 metres, just 1 lap.

•             Race 1 at Nunroyd Park, Guiseley on Sunday 8 October

•             Race 2 at Thornes Park, Wakefield on Sunday 29 October

•             Race 3 at South Leeds (venue TBC) on Saturday 18 November

•             Race 4 near Rothwell Leisure Centre on Sunday 10 December

The cost of the series is £20 and entries, if you want to run in the first race, close on Saturday 30 September.

If you finish in the top 15 of the LSAA race or if you finished in the top 15 of the Leeds Primary Schools XC at Templenewsam last year you will be very competitive at WYXCL.  Top 30 of those races and you won’t be outclassed. If you weren’t in such high positions, don’t worry if you’re in the last 10 runners at the WYXCL, it’s less than 10 minutes running and it is good training and experience for LSAA and for Peco.

Richard, Alex and myself will be at all of the meetings.

Those who take part will be considered for Richard and Alex’s group – we will try to fit you in for a taster session with that group fairly soon.

This is the highest level of club competition at your age but from year 7 onwards you are eligible for the Yorkshire, Northern and English cross country championships – now is the time to gain experience!

I hope many of you decide to enter WYXCL.


Details of all events are in

Entry to WYXCL is via

You will need to create a Sportsoft account to do your entry.  Please put your England Athletics number in your personal details.  You’ll find it here

Year 5 and 6 runners will see “JS” alongside the EA number.  This means they are a Social Athlete with EA rather than a Competitive Athlete. Under 11s don’t need to be Competitive Athletes to run in WYXC, all other age groups do.  Saves you paying £19!