Annual Awards

These awards are presented annually, usually at the Christmas Party

Marathon Cup

for the history of the cup, see

Presented by Janet Kitchen for best Marathon Performance
(the original cup was the cup presented to the winner of the Horsforth Marathon 1981-1987)
2022Jonathan Ball
2021Jonathan Ball2:44 at Manchester
2019David Herdsman
2018John Hobbs2:31 at London (fastest Strider this century)
2017Tim Straughan2:59 at London (age 51) and 2:57 at Chester (age 52)
2016Andy May2:32 at London (fastest Strider this century)
2015James TarranTwo sub-3 marathons and a Bill Rowan medal (sub 9-hour) at Comrades Marathon (53 miles)
2014Myra JonesWinner at Kielder, runner-up at Windermere, PB at Valencia
2013Kim ThreadgallWinner and course record at Yorkshireman marathon
2012Andy May2:34 at Berlin (fastest male Strider this century)
2011Liz Wood3:14 marathon qualifying for London 2012
2010Dan FisherFastest marathon of the year 2:42 at Amsterdam
2009Panos AristotelousWinner at Fleetwood 2:38 and Wharfedale
2008Eric Green5 marathons 2:55 to 3:07 all in Striders top 10 for year
2007Tracey Morris2:36 at Osaka, 19th in World Marathon Championships
2006Brian Hanley2:36 at London
2006NB special award to Tracey Morris for competing in 4 championship marathons (UK, Olympics, Commonwealth, European)
2005Jules Barltrop2:58:55 at Berlin Marathon
2004Tracey Morris2:33 at London (1st GB), 2:40 at Olympic Marathon, Athens
2003Lisa WilymanWinner at Leeds 3:01
2002Kathy Kaiser
2001Eric CusackM45 Team Gold at WAVA Marathon, Brisbane
2000Alan Hutchinson
1999Kathy KaiserW45 Winner at WAVA Marathon, Gateshead
1998Kathy Kaiser
1997Gary Shipley
1996Sylvia WatsonRepresented GB in World 100k champs
1995Max Jones
1994Yvonne Bissitt & Kathy Kaiser & Sylvia Watson UK Half Marathon team champions (York)
1993Max Jones
1992Paul Briscoe
1991Kathy Kaiser

Vadim Kuznetsov Trophy

2022Sue Sunderland1:50:556176.16%
2021Huw Lippiatt1:22:214978.28%
2020not held
2019John Hobbs1:14:184181.36%
2018John Hobbs1:13:254081.77%
2017John Hobbs1:12:593981.76%
2016Sue Sunderland1:39:505578.99%
2015Andy May1:16:394181.12%
2014Mary Egan1:45:185982.19%
2013Steve Webb1:21:365182.76%
2012Mary Egan1:46:075779.28%
2011Andy May1:14:533780.53%
2010Bernadette Clayton1:38:435279.68%
2009Panos Aristotelous1:13:172780.81%
2008Paul White1:32:016180.30%
2007Roy Flesher1:26:525479.80%
2006Roy Flesher1:22:285383.32%

Also-Ran Trophy

2022Richard Irvine
2021Dinesh Kaulgud
2019Sean Cook
2018Leila Kara
2017Chris Sawyer
2016Pascale Fotherby
2015Sean Fitzgerald
2014Andy Pagdin
2013Roy Huggins
2012Gary Mann & Sarah Howell
2011Sarah Smith
2010Paul Holloway
2009Nick Barnes
2008John Wallace
2007Ian Sanderson
2006Paul Sanderson
2005Bob Jackson
2004Eric Green
2003Debbi Wagman
2002Annemi Van Zyl
2001Mark Bean
2000Sara Dyer
1999Paul White
1998Tony Haygarth
1997Sue Midgley
1996Dick Dale
1995Bob Wilkes
1994Dave Taylor
1993Tony Foster
1992Wilf Little
1989Danny Burnham
1988John Umpleby
1985Ron Kelly
1983Ray Price
????Mike Crosfill
????John Whalley

Max Jones Cup

Presented in memory of Max Jones who died, aged 82, in 2010
Awarded for Best Age-Graded Performance (it was his favourite topic)
It was fitting that in its first year it was won by Lou Gilchrist (a youthful 77 at the time), with what is still the best winning AG% of 95
Between 2007 and 2009 Lou achieved 8 AG% of greater than 100 for distances between 5 miles and half marathon, many of these were world bests. In 2010, new Age-Graded Tables were published!!
NB it cannot be won again by a previous winner
2022Cup WinnerAmanda SpencerYork 5k5k0:19:415386.58%
2021Cup WinnerDavid SongMid Cheshire 5k5k0:15:002885.67%
2020not awarded??
2019Cup WinnerSue SunderlandVale of York 1010m01:13:075884.87%
2019Best Perf (prev winner)John HobbsAbbey Dash10k0:31:564187.26%
2018Cup WinnerVicky SimsBilbao Halfhalf1:21:254485.4%
2018Best Perf (prev winner)John HobbsDoncaster 5k5k0:15:344088.1%
2017Cup WinnerLiz BallAbbey Dash10k0:49:136483.5%
2017Best Perf (prev winner)John HobbsEvensplits 5k5k0:15:453986.4%
2016Cup WinnerJohn HobbsJohn Carr 5k5k0:15:463885.7%
2015Cup Winner???
2014Cup WinnerMalcolm ColesLeeds parkrun5k0:21:2473????
2013NominatedIan SampsonAbbey Dash10k0:37:225384.2%
2013NominatedSteve WebbApperley Bridge
2013NominatedGeorge Black
2012Cup WinnerRichard BalshawSalford 10k10k0:34:134485.58%
2011Cup WinnerAndy MayAbbey Dash10k0:33:443782.38%
2010Cup WinnerLou GilchristSale 55m0:43:497795.10%