West Yorkshire Cross Country Junior Races 2023

National XC Relays 2022 Boys U15 teams

updated 8 Oct 23 with results of first meeting


There are 4 meetings
1 Nunroyd Park, Guiseley on Sunday 8 October
2 Thornes Park, Wakefield on Sunday 29 October
3 South Leeds (venue TBC) on Saturday 18 November
4 Rothwell Leisure Centre on Sunday 10 December

For details of race locations and course maps see

If you’ve not already entered, then to enter the rest of the series (races 2/3/4)


Race approx. start times / approx. distances for all meetings are
11:45 U11 boys 1500m
11:52 U11 girls 1500m
12:00 U13 girls 2000m
12:15 U13 boys 3000m
12:30 U15 girls 3000m
12:50 U15 boys 4000m
12:55 U17 ladies 4000m starts just behind U15 boys
13:20 U17 men 5500m
13:45 Senior ladies 5500m
14:15 Senior men 9500m


Results from meeting 1 at Nunroyd
U11 boys – 17 Bertie Bell, 27 Levi Woodger, 39 Jenson Bennett, 54 Jacob Coleman, 54 ran, team position 6th
U11 girls – 4 Imogen Burton, 28 Chloe Deak, 29 Dora Walmsley, 31 Niamh Archbold, 35 ran, team position 4th
U13 girls – 1 Ruth Friend, 38 Flo Morris, 39 Jess Rollings, 56 ran, team position 5th
U13 boys – 9 Dan Breedon, 10 Ewan Reid, 16 Sammy Whitehouse, 20 Harry Whittaker, 37 ran, team position 2nd
U15 boys – 4 Sam Redmond, 9 James Gostling, 21 Joseph Whitehouse, 38 ran, team position 4th
U17 men – 19 Conor Butterworth, 28 ran

For full results see

Entered for first race and for rest of series – 29

U11 Boys (6)
Bertie Bell
Jenson Bennett
Jacob Coleman
Stan Mulley
George Redmond
Levi Woodger
U13 Boys (6)
Dan Breedon
Harry Durbin
Eaden Lyons
Harry Whittaker
Ewan Reid
Sammy Whitehouse
U15 Boys (5)
James Gostling
Joseph Urquhart
Oliver Lubiecki
Sam Redmond
Joseph Whitehouse
U17 Men (1)
Conor Butterworth
U11 Girls (5)
Niamh Archbold
Imogen Burton
Chloe Deak
Emmy Deverill
Dora Walmsley
U13 Girls (5)
Isla Butterworth
Ruth Friend
Arpita Kaulgud
Flo Morris
Jess Rollings
U15 Girls (1)
Keira Sykes

Before race day

Have a read of https://www.valleystriders.org.uk/preparing-for-a-cross-country-race/
Bring 4 safety pins and your club t-shirt or vest (you will be DQ’d if you don’t wear club colours).
Spikes are advisable but not essential especially for the first meeting as it has been fairly dry recently and especially if you are U11 or U13 as you’ll get a relatively unworn route.

Getting there

For Nunroyd Park use satnav LS19 7HR, coming from Leeds it’s on the right hand side of the road just before Guiseley town centre.
As you drive in, there is a big parking area (should be enough space for everyone) on the left hand side – you may be charged £1. If the car park is full (or you don’t want to spend £1) there is parking at the Retail Park across the road 5 mins walk but NB 3 hour time limit (just enough time to park, walk the course, race and get a Big Mac afterwards).

Race Numbers

I plan to arrive at 10:45. I’ll bring the race flag as a meeting point (and probably the banner too). All the club banners will be on the right hand side of the main drive, just walk across from where you have parked.
I’ll collect all the race numbers. I’m expecting each race number to have been printed with the runner’s name. I’ll put them under the flag or hang them from the race banner. I think Martin & Benjamin Gostling will be there to help hand them out.

When you arrive

Make sure you pick out the correct number. Race numbers should have the age category printed on them – check you are in the correct race. Fill in emergency contact details on the back. Pin your number on the front of your T-shirt/vest.
Remember what it said in https://www.valleystriders.org.uk/preparing-for-a-cross-country-race/
If you don’t have time to walk the full course, then as a minimum look at the first 200 metres and the last 200 metres.
Race times are approximate. One race may start while a few back-markers from the previous race are still running.

The race

There will be a gunshot 5 minutes before each race.
Gather about 5 metres behind the start line. Parents won’t be allowed in this area but can stand at the side so if it is raining or cold can be ready to catch the top layer of clothes at the last minute.
There will be some very good runners in each race so unless you think you are one of them don’t get at the front. You won’t be allowed to move up to the start line until the starter calls “on your marks”. There is no “set”, just a gunshot to go.

After the race

Cheer on the Striders at the other races
NB keep your number after the race to re-use it for the next meeting

Not entered but wanting to enter

You’ll be able to enter race 2 (and the rest of the series) a couple of days after race 1 race date – cost is £20.

Or you’ll be able to enter race 3 (and the rest of the series) a couple of days after race 2 race date – cost is £10.

U13/U15/U17 require E A affiliation . U11 don’t