V S Update 8th March 2019

– Food on Tuesday 12 March
– Peco Relays and Junior Relays
– Peco junior presentations
– Peco presentation night
– Yorkshire Vets
– Track & Field for Juniors (updated information)
– Training at GSAL for juniors and beginners/improvers

Food for Tuesday 12 March after 6pm training sessions

By popular demand, we will have food again next week, with the same menu as this week

Food will be available around 7:15pm.  Choices are
– Sausage and chips
– Beef lasagne
– Jacket potatoes with veggie cheese and/or baked beans and/or coleslaw (V)

Cost is £3 per portion.  It is not possible to order half portions for juniors, but two small juniors could share a portion (extra plate and cutlery will be provided), or a junior could share a part of their full portion with a hungry adult.

Please order to [email protected]  by 9:30a.m. Monday 11 March stating how many portions of sausage & chips you require, how many portions of beef lasagne and how many portions of jacket potatoes.

Pay on the night, but if you order and then don’t turn up, if we’re not able to re-sell your portion(s), you will be liable to pay.

There won’t be food after the 7pm session as this will be at Beckett Park.

Next food for everyone will be Tuesday 26 March.

Peco Relays and Peco Junior Relays

The annual end-of-season relays will take place on Sunday 31st March. They are being hosted this year by the West Yorkshire Winter League and will be based at John Charles Stadium.

Full details will be posted on the PECO League web site as soon as they are available, but the Race HQ will be the Phoenix Bar at John Charles and the route will be 3 miles approx. for Seniors and 1 mile approx. for Juniors. Registration will open at 9.00am; the Junior Relay will start at 10.00am and the Senior Relay at 11.00am

All teams are 3 runners each doing a lap of the route in turn.

For juniors there are six team categories
– younger (all runners must be school year 6 or younger) – girls, boys and mixed (2 girls 1 boy or 1 girl 2 boys)
– older (team contains at least one school year 7 or older) (team may contain any number of year 7+) – girls, boys and mixed

For adults there are six team categories
– club team – must contain at least one man at least one woman and at least one vet
– mens and womens teams
– mens and womens vets teams
– mixed team

Juniors, if you’d like to run, please email [email protected] .  The entry fee will be paid by V S. 

Seniors, if you’d like to run, please email [email protected] .  The entry fee is £10 for a team of 3.

Juniors and seniors, if you know who you’d like to run with please include this in your email, but if you do this, first make sure that they are available and want to run with you (it’s a long story…)

Peco Junior Presentations

Will be immediately after the junior relays, approximately 10:45am in the Phoenix Bar.

There are trophies for the first six girls and boys in years 2-4, years 5-6 and years 7-9.  There are trophies for the first three in years 10-12.

Click last week’s vsupdate www.valleystriders.org.uk/up190228.htm to see if you are one of the 9 V S juniors to receive trophies.

On Tuesday, one of the girls was very excited, asking how big the trophies would be!

Official results at http://www.pecoxc.co.uk/pages/junior_results.html to see if y

Peco Presentation Evening

The PECO Presentation Evening will take place at The Wardrobe (Leeds city centre) on Friday 29th March (starting at 7.30pm). There will be a DJ and a decent buffet provided. Tickets will be £5 per head, and will be available to buy on RaceBest from this Thursday. They will be available until March 22nd.  All Senior Individual and Team prizes will be presented on this evening.

Yorkshire Vets

We have affiliated to the Yorkshire Veterans’ Athletic Association (YVAA) and would like to encourage members to compete in their events. Over 35s are eligible for prizes but those 33 and above can take part as ‘non-scorers’.

The registration process is described on the website and the dates and locations for most of the races are now available. Races tend to be a similar terrain and distance to the PECOs.


Track and Field for Juniors

Last year a number of our juniors went to track & field meetings organised by City of York AC at York University athletics track and by West Yorkshire League at Cleckheaton and Wakefield.  These meetings are taking place again this year and there are also some “open” meetings organised by local clubs.

For all of the following, age groups are at 31 August 2019 so under-11s are school years 4 & 5, under-13s are years 6 & 7, etc.  See notes below for eligibility for years 2 and 3.

City of York Summer League
– dates are Mon 22 April, Mon 6 May, Sat 25 May, Sun 1 September
– year 3 are allowed to compete in the under-11 category but experience is advisable
– juniors can take part in a maximum of 3 events
– under 11’s compete at 75m, 600m, shot and long jump (shot is not available at every meeting)
– older juniors also have high jump, discus and javelin available and their distances are 100m and 800m
– last year the entry for the series was £20
– last year you could enter individual meetings (£7.50 in advance, £12 on the day)
– there are prizes for points scored across the 4 meetings.
– details at www.cityofyorkathleticclub.net  and click on “Summer League”

West Yorkshire League
– dates are Sun 14 April (Cleckeaton), Wed 1 May (Halifax), Wed 29 May (Clk), Wed 19 June (Hfx), Wed 10 July (Hfx), Sun 28 July (Clk) and Sun 9 September (Clk).
– the first 6 meetings are a series / league and the cost is £15 for juniors for the series. 
– the cost for the final event is likely to be around £9, this is only open to those who entered the series
– for all Sunday meetings, juniors can compete part in a maximum of 3 events
. under 11’s compete at 75m, 600m, short putt and long jump, older juniors also have high jump and discus available and their distances are 80m and 800m. 
– for the Sunday meetings there is usually a choice of 3 or 4 events, but for the Wednesday meetings there are usually only 2 available (one track and one field).
– even if you can only go to the Sunday meetings, £15 is reasonable value
– you need to pay V S for the series by Monday 1 April so we can get the entry forms in by the closing date
– details at http://www.westyorkshireathletics.org.uk  

Other meetings

There are also a number of track and field open meetings at other venues 
– Sun 24 March – Spenborough (school year 4 and above) Details at http://www.spenac.co.uk 
– Sun 7 April – Wakefield. There should be info at http://www.wakefield-harriers.co.uk but the website says the webmaster has retired!

– Sat 20 April – Doncaster (minimum age 8 on day). Details at http://www.doncasterathleticclub.com/spring-open-meeting-2017 (NB this is definitely the 2019 meeting even though the URL says 2017) 
– Sun 9 June – York junior meeting for under-9 (years 2 & 3), under-11 and under-13 age groups.
– Sun 22 September – York open, Details at www.cityofyorkathleticclub.net  and click on “York Open”

Valley Striders will manage entries for the York Summer League series and the West Yorkshire series.  Members wanting to enter other meetings should do this themselves.

There is a post on in the VS Juniors Facebook group for this, please comment.  If you’re not on Facebook, please email [email protected] with your comments.

Training Sessions at Grammar School at Leeds (GSAL)

During the summer our juniors (and beginners and improvers) will be training at Leos half of the weeks and at Grammar School at Leeds the other half. 

All sessions will be 6pm to 7pm as normal.

Generally we will be at GSAL on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays in the month and at Leos on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays (and also the 5th if there is one). 

But in April we have booked an extra session at GSAL – we will be at GSAL on 2nd, 9th and 23rd of April.

And we have booked extra time at GSAL on 2nd and 9th of April for additional training for those taking part in one or more of the track and field events mentioned above,

On 2nd April, we have booked extra time from 7pm to 8pm and on 9th April we have booked extra time from 5:15pm to 6pm and from 7pm to 7:45pm.