Fell Championship: Rules

  • All FRA races are categorised by difficulty (A difficult, B medium, C easy) and distance (L Long, M medium, S Short) – so AM would be a difficult medium distance race for example
  • For the scoring, there are separate championships for men and women
  • Points are awarded by comparing the runner’s time with the male or female winner’s time
  • Approximately 15 races are nominated at the start of the season, the intention being to bring many Striders together for these races
  • All FRA races count, but there is a bonus of 5% for running nominated races
  • For non-nominated races participants should notify league compiler (Steve Webb) via email of race, date, length, category, winner’s time and their time, if they wish to claim points
  • Category A races get a bonus of +10%, category C races get a penalty of -10%
  • Best 5 scores to count, must include one from L, M, S
  • It is not possible to win the Fell Championship trophies unless you run at least one race at each distance