Resumption of Track Sessions

We will be resuming track sessions at Leeds Beckett on the second Tuesday of each month, starting next week on Tuesday 8th February at 7pm.

However, Leeds Beckett have imposed some conditions and restrictions on the use of the track, so please note the following:

  1. We have the use of the track from 7-8pm on the second Tuesday of each month.
  2. The fee for each session is £4.50, which must be paid by each athlete BY CONTACTLESS MEANS (NO CASH) at the Sports Centre reception Leeds Beckett before each session.
  3. Leeds Beckett have limited the session to 27 athletes and have said that we are not permitted to exceed this number. Therefore, we will be using an app called SPOND to allow members to reserve a place (see below).
  4. If you wish to attend a track session, you must book a place via Spond. If you book a place but can no longer attend, you can cancel on Spond and your place can be offered to another Strider.
  5. Because we might have more than 27 athletes wanting to attend each track session, or some may not wish to run on the track or pay the fee, there will be an alternative free road interval session at the same time. This will be also be based at Leeds Beckett but will use local roads.

Note on Track sessions

For anyone that hasn’t run on the track before, they can be excellent for improving speed and race sharpness and they are great fun.  I will do a post on basic track etiquette before the first session for anyone who is new to track training.


Spond is a free app specifically designed to be used by sports clubs. It is free of advertising and has very useful functionality to help clubs communicate with members and organise events.  A group of us have been trialling the app and we are now asking all members to sign up and use.
Spond is used by a number of other local running clubs who all find it very useful.  We strongly encourage all members to download the app as we think it will really help us to organise and communicate in the future without relying on Facebook, which not everybody has, or likes.

Parents or guardians can download and use the app on behalf of their children.

You can read the FAQs about Spond here:

The invite to the Valley Striders Spond is here: