Juniors email 31 Jan 20

– Food Tue 4 Feb
– Peco Sun 9 Feb
– Yorkshire XC and Northern XC results

Training and Food on Tuesday 4 February

After reasonable conditions 2 weeks ago, it was quite muddy on the pitches earlier this week and just over 30 juniors braved the drizzle and cold.

Conditions should have improved for next week, but just to note that if we have to reduce training, we will “select” those who ran at any track & field in Summer or any of Eccup, Pudsey, Kirkstall, WYXC, YorksXC, NorthXC.

Please check the Events Page on the website on Tuesday lunchtime.  https://www.valleystriders.org.uk/event/juniors-training-leos-32/

We will also post on Facebook and try to send an email to everyone, but we have been having difficulty sending to Hotmail accounts.

Food will be served at 7:10pm, choose from
(a) Fish finger sandwich with chips
(b) Roasted vegetable baguette with chips
(c) Burger with chips

Please note that the cost is £3 per portion

Please order to [email protected] (don’t reply to the juniors email address).  Please place orders by Sunday 2 February 10pm and pay on the night

If you need to cancel, do so by Monday 3 February 9am or else you are liable to pay (unless you let us know and we can re-sell your portion(s)

Good luck to those running in the Leeds Primary Schools Cross Country at Templenewsam the following day.  You are excused training the night before, or, of you do come, take it easy (and don’t run in the shoes that you intend to run in at Templenewsam.

Peco XC Sunday 19 January

The next event in the Series is a week on Sunday at West Park Leeds.

Please read the race information at http://pecoxc.co.uk/pages/race4.html .  The course description mentions a stream crossing with big stones.  Please go and look at this before the race so you know what to expect.  If you’re planning to wear spikes, it is essential that you check this crossing.

Regarding your entry
– If you’ve already entered the series and ran event 1 or 2 or 3, then you don’t need to enter again, but do remember to bring your race number (NB if you’ve lost your number since then you will need to buy another at registration for £2.50)
– If you entered the series before event 3 but didn’t run either 1 or 2 or 3, then hopefully your number will be in the club gazebo on race day.  I say hopefully because currently I’ve mislaid these numbers, so if you can’t find your number there, I will buy you a new one at registration at the Dalesman.
– If you entered the series after event 3, then your number will be in the club gazebo on race day
– You can enter the series till next Thursday at https://racebest.com/races/wqttg . Don’t forget that fully paid-up junior members can use the discount code for free entry.
– If you’ve not entered the series by Friday, you can enter on the day at the registration desk in the Dalesman.
– You don’t need to go to the registration desk if you’ve already entered.

We now have nearly 90 junior Striders (including waiting list) entered!

Click on http://pecoxc.co.uk/pages/race4.html  for race details including maps of parking, race routes and the location of the club tent area.

We need help in transporting the club gazebo to the venue, taking it up the hill to the club tent area and assembling it.  There will be a post on Juniors Facebook, please respond if you can help in any way.

On the day, if you arrive and the club gazebo hasn’t yet arrived, race numbers will be on or by the Valley Striders banner.

Yorkshire XC results

At Lightwater Valley on 4th January, there were 5 of our club members wearing the white vests of Valley Striders and another 4 wearing vests of different colours.

U13 Girls
1 Maisey Bellwood (Keighley & C) 09:00
17 Jessica Baxter (Leeds C) 10:04
34 Evie Rose (Leeds C) 10:47
35 Abigail Kingston (Leeds C) 10:50
68 finished, final runner 13:00
U13 Boys
1 Christy ‘Hare (Middlesbrough) 08:40
16 Rafferty Mirfin (Skyrac) 09:28
24 Leon Jones 09:39
52 Toby Walker 10:17
68 Griff Lippiatt 10:37
86 finished, final runner 14:13
Team (of 3) 12th out of 16 “A” teams
U15 Boys
1 Abdimajid Darood (Skyrac) 14:51
25 Jamie Walker 16:42
35 Alfie Jones 17:25
48 finished, final runner 25:59

As you can see, we had several runners in the top half of the field, and even those towards the back were in groups of runners and well ahead of the stragglers.

This was the first year that Jess and Abs have been eligible and they were able to enter as both had just had their eleventh birthdays, also meaning they are both in the U13 category for another 2 years.  All the others, except Griff, have 1 more year in their current age category.

Northern XC results

And at Camp Hill Estate outdoor events venue on 25th January there were 8 of our club members wearing the white vests of Valley Striders and another 3 wearing vests of different colours.

U13 Girls
1 Maisey Bellwood (Keighley) 10:01
64 Jessica Baxter (Skyrac) 11:20
99 Evie Rose (Leeds C) 11:44
119 Abigail Kingston (Leeds C) 11:54
185 Christa Shackleton 12:53
210 finished, final runner 16:51
U13 Boys
1 Alex Boyer (Darlington) 09:32
111 Sam Preston 11:06
131 Felix Linley 11:18
136 Gus Cawcutt 11:26
160 Griff Lippiatt 11:51
167 Luke Mackreth 11:58
172 Toby Walker 12:07
186 finished, final runner 16:30
Team (4 to count) 21st of 21 complete teams
U15 Boys
1 Christopher Perkins (Birtley) 13:26
121 Jamie Walker 15:51
167 finished, final runner 19:03

These were respectable results from all of our juniors, competing against the strongest clubs in the North of England, from Cumbria and Northumberland in the north of the region to Cheshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire in the south (strangely, Derbyshire is in but Nottinghamshire not).

This was the first competition at county level and above for Christa, Felix, Gus and Luke and none were over-faced by the competition.

Jess, Abs and Luke have another 2 years in their category and all the others, except Griff, have 1 more year in their current age category, so should finish higher up in the results next year.  We’ll definitely not win the wooden spoon for the U13 Boys next year, but 21st is still good as there are over 180 clubs eligible for this event.

So please show these results to your juniors and say that the standard is suitable for many and hopefully we’ll have a lot more Valley Strider juniors (born before 4 January 2010) in next year’s Yorkshire and Northern XC races.