Golden Acre Junior Results 12 July 2022

Golden Acre 2022 V S junior runners

Main photo by Hannah Corne

Of the 39 teams taking part in the junior race, 17 were from Valley Striders.

Here’s a photo of the winners of the younger girls (school years 2-4) and younger boys categories. Our teams also gained 2nd place (but no trophies) in the older mixed (school years 5-7) and older boys categories. Our best placed older girls team was “only” 5th in their category but they finished 13th overall – there were some very good girls teams running including Skyrac whose girls team won the race.

Left to right: Lucy, Imogen, Abigail, Samuel, Bertie, Seth. Photo by Alex Bottomley

51 of our junior members (26 boys, 25 girls) who are in year 7 or younger competed in the junior race where 39 teams of 3 took part, each runner running approximately 1 mile each. A “younger” junior team comprised all runners in year 4 or younger; an “older” junior team comprised a team which had at least one runner in year 5 or older.

And everyone on the list did come and run, which made my job so much easier, thank you!

Please note, if you’re comparing the individual race times, leg 1 will be typically 5 seconds faster than the other legs because leg 1 started 15 metres ahead of the changeover area and the leg 2 and leg 3 times include the time between the incoming runner passing the finish line to when the baton is handed over.

James Gostling’s time was second fastest of all clubs on the night, only 1 second slower than the fastest whose time was on leg 1, so I’d consider James’s run to be the best on the night (see the small print in the paragraph above). Edward Nabozny had the 4th fastest time.

PosNameBibALeg 1BLeg 2CLeg 3CategoryTimeCat Pos
4V S Older Mixed 127Edward Nabozny (M6)07:04Alice Bonner (F7)08:25James Gostling (M7)06:57Older Mixed22:262
6V S Older Boys 121Ewan Reid (M5)07:13Eaden Lyons (M5)07:55Sammy Whitehouse (M5)07:49Older Boys22:572
9V S Younger Boys 130Seth Steere (M4)08:06Samuel Keene (M3)08:09Bertie Bell (M4)07:37Younger Boys23:521
13V S Older Girls 124Kirsten Brown (F6)08:27Maddie White (F6)08:41Isla Butterworth (F6)07:26Older Girls24:345
14V S Younger Boys 433Austin Lyons (M2)08:34Arthur Venning (M3)08:19Adam Bradley (M4)07:52Younger Boys24:453
17V S Younger Boys 231Henry Rollings (M3)08:52Lewis Buchan (M4)07:42Thomas Grosvenor (M3)08:42Younger Boys25:164
18V S Older Boys 323Thomas Sheen (M6)08:46Solomon Steere (M6)08:21Søren Pailor (M5)08:24Older Boys25:315
20V S Younger Girls 337Abigail Bottomley (F3)08:05Lucy Sheen (F4)09:14Imogen Burton (F4)08:25Younger Girls25:441
22V S Younger Boys 534George Redmond (M3)08:15Hugo Earl (M3)08:55Benjamin Gostling (M4)08:49Younger Boys25:595
23V S Younger Boys 332Isaac Rugg (M4)08:46Jenson Bennett (M3)08:46James Walker (M4)08:29Younger Boys26:016
24V S Older Boys 222Alfie Ball (M6)08:23Frankie Riley (M7)09:04Lars Hunter (M7)08:35Older Boys26:027
25V S Older Girls 426Melissa Ward (F4)08:28Georgia Ward (F6)09:01Natalie Ward (F7)08:34Older Girls26:038
26V S Older Girls 325Florence Bell (F6)08:58Caitlyn Hartley (F6)09:08Mary Venning (F6)08:22Older Girls26:289
29V S Older Girls 228Heidi Earl (F5)08:31Amelie Wallace (F5)09:40Matilda Walsh (F5)09:03Older Girls27:1411
31V S Older Girls 535Ruby Richardson (F3)10:45Chloe Deak (F4)08:42Indi Banerjee (F5)09:07Older Girls28:3412
35V S Younger Girls 236Ezzie Yansaneh (F3)09:47Bea Traviss-Turner (F3)09:38Erin Davies (F3)10:34Younger Girls29:594
36V S Younger Girls 438Evie Brown (F3)12:08Dora Walmsley (F3)09:41Lucy Walker (F3)09:37Younger Girls31:265

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Adult race

10 of our junior members who are in year 8 or older competed in the adult race where 152 teams of 3 took part, each runner running approximately 2.75 miles each

PosNameBibALeg 1BLeg 2CLeg 3CategoryTimeCat Pos
12V S Under 17 Men225Jamie Walker (M11)14:55Leon Jones (M10)17:18Alfie Jones (M11)16:35Junior Boys48:482
34V S Junior Boys 1216Joseph Urquhart (M8)18:18Zak Reisman (M9)18:10Sam Redmond (M8)16:01Junior Boys52:595
86V S Junior Mixed218Oliver Lubiecki (M8)18:11Ella Jobson (F8)21:55Freya Hunter (F8)21:12Junior Boys61:18
102V S Linley Jackson217Andy Linley (M)20:51Felix Linley (M9)20:08Bob Jackson (M)24:59Men65:58

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