Golden Acre Junior Relays on 16 July (teams updated 15 July 10pm)

Lots of drop-outs and lots of late signer-uppers, we have the same number of runners as last year!

If you have signed up already

Please check which team you’ve been allocated to.  Please get to the registration area by 6:10pm (and allow a few minutes to park and walk from wherever you’ve parked).  Please sign in with Sarah Diamond who will be by the Valley Striders flag and banner.  She will give you your race number (please bring 4 safety pins).  Tally Diamond will take you for a warm-up at 6:15pm prompt and ensure that the first leg runners are on the start line by 6:25pm.

If you’ve signed up but are unable to run, please text 07775 898 558.

If you haven’t signed up already

Then read the information below and email us if you want to run BEFORE MONDAY 10PM.  We will fit you into places marked “A N other” (there are currently vacancies in all age groups and we can “convert” single-sex teams to mixed teams if need be).

Juniors on the waiting list are welcome to run in a V S team.

We recommend road running shoes with a good grip or trail running shoes.

General race information including course maps can be found at . 


The Golden Acre Relays will take place on Tuesday 16 July, with the junior relays at 6:30pm and the senior relays at 7pm.

NB there will be no junior training sessions that evening.

The race HQ (tent) will be near the Arthington Road entrance to Golden Acre Park so less than 5 minutes drive from Leos.

For junior members of Valley Striders, this is one of the events that were included in your membership fee

We’re keen that juniors on the waiting list take part and we will include you in Valley Striders teams and pay your entry fee.

The junior relays are for teams of 3, each runner runs approximately 1 mile, maximum age is school year 7.  There is a “younger junior” team category where all runners are school years 4 or less and an “older junior” team category where at least one runner is school year 5 or more (and all runners can be up to and including year 7).

The senior relays are for teams of 3, each runner runs approximately 2.75 miles, there is a special juniors category for school years 8 to 11.

Teams are also categorised as Male, Female or Mixed the latter being 2 boys 1 girl or 2 girls 1 boy

Bob and Richard will organise teams. If you want to run, please email [email protected]

If three of you wish to run as a team it will save us some work so just let us know who you’d like to run with.  There are two caveats for this

(a) we can’t accept these names unless they too email us (last year we had a team set up and the 3rd nominated member had no idea the event was on)

(b) we reserve the right to steal one or more of your team members to make a Valley Striders A team

This post will be updated regularly to show the names who have signed up and the teams that have been created.

Last year we had 17 teams!

Please email [email protected] if you wish to take part or have any questions

TEAM LISTS – LAST UPDATED 15 JULY 10pm (51 names)

Teams are shown with the team numbers that have been allocated and names are listed in running order.

Changes from the version at 13 July are marked in red – there are a lot of them!


1 Girls: Team “VS Girls”: Alice Bonner (G4), Natalie Ward (G4), Jess Guthrie (G4)
2 Mixed: Team “VS Kahaba”: Annabel Khan (G4), Caitlyn Hartley (G3), William Barton (B4)
3 Girls: Team “VS McShea”: Millie McLaren (G3), Elsie O’Shea (G3), Sophia Leadbetter (G3)
4 Girls: Team “VS Dosson”: Liz Dossett (G3), Sarah Dennison (G3), Millie Leadbetter (G3)
5 Boys: Team “VS Boys”: Seth Bolton (B3), Frankie Riley (B4), Edward Nabozny (B3)
6 Mixed: Team “VS Belling”: Florence Bell (G3), Mary Venning (G3), Bertie Bell (B2)
7 Mixed: Team “VS Helvellyn”: Eve Rothera (G3), Junior Barclay (B2), Ewan Reid (B2)


8 Girls: Team “VS Girls”: Grace Fishburn (G3),  Keira Sykes (G5), Ella Lim (G6)
9 Boys: Team “VS Boys”: Rafferty Mirfin (B6), Leon Jones (B7), Theo Rosenberg (B7)
10 Boys: Team “VS Year 5”: Ben Shenderey (B5), Dex Rosenberg (B5), Luke Mackreth (B5)
11 Boys: Team “VS Whitecki”: Sammy Whitehouse (B2), Oliver Lubiecki (B5), Joseph Whitehouse (B5)
12 Boys: Team “VS Collingham”: Josh Lowe (B6), Gus Cawcutt (B6), Felix Linley (B6)
13 Boys: Team “VS Fotherbolt”: Daniel Fotherby (B6), Josh Holt (B4), Michael Fotherby (B4)
14 Boys: Team “VS JMG”: James Khan (B6), Matt Sedgley (B7), Griff Lippiatt (B7)
15 Mixed: Team “VS Mixed”: Lucy Adcock (G3), Theo Marshall-Brown (B5), Toby Walker (B6)


Team “VS Juniors Mixed”: Tally Diamond (G9), Jamie Walker (B8) , Alfie Jones (B8)
Team “VS Juniors Girls”: Annabel Lim (G8),  Josie Pawley (G8),  Sofia Robottom (G10))