Email to parents 15 August 2023 – looking ahead

Here’s another of my occasional emails to everyone. I know a few of you aren’t on Facebook, a few more have disabled their accounts and several more don’t look at Facebook posts unless tagged.

NB if replying by email, please reply to [email protected], not to the gmail account which is only used to send to multiple recipients.

The email has been sent to all current members, and to all prospective members who have come to at least 1 training session this year.

The email contains an overview of events and training through to March 2024!

Events for August and September

There are just a few track & field meetings left for this spring/summer season – York on 20 August, York on 23 August, Cleckheaton on 3 September (entries closed), York on 10 September and possibly Wakefield on 16 September. These are suitable for “old” school years 4 and above who feel confident having done track and field training at GSAL during the summer. For more information see

Just to note that entries for York on 20 August close this evening, but if you email me by 5pm Wednesday I can get you in. 6 VS juniors have entered so far.

There is also the Wetherby “mini-marathon” on 16 September, suitable for all abilities and all ages.

Events through to March 2024


This contains a week-by-week list of events – best estimate if date not yet confirmed.

I’ve also put a summary at the top showing, for each event, which school years it applies to, whether entry is via school or club, whether it requires qualification or open-to-all, and what level of ability is required – suitable for all, experienced athletes only, or in between.

I’ve listed 25 cross country meetings of which 6 club events (Peco cross country league) are suitable for all abilities (over 70 of our junior members ran at least one last year) and 5 school events (Leeds Schools League) are suitable for all (if your school makes a team entry).

I’ve also listed 7 indoor track & field meetings, all at Sheffield, of which 4 are suitable for “new” school years 4 to 9 who feel confident having done track and field training at GSAL during the summer.

And 2 road races for juniors, one at Wetherby and the other in central Leeds (“Abbey Dash”). Both are suitable for all, great events, and there’s a £3 refund for each via next year’s membership fee if you run.


I’ve updated the spring/summer page with a lot of results

Training through to March 2024

We’ll be at GSAL on 15th and 29th August.

Our last session at GSAL, on 12 September, will be a sports evening where everyone will arrive at 6pm. Most ages will compete in 75m, 400m and long jump; older ages will also compete in shot. There will be medals! (but they will be presented at a later date – too complicated to do it on the night, sorry)

We’ll be at the Brownlee Centre on 22nd August doing 1 mile OR half-mile, 4 by 300m relays and Bob’s hill challenge. Details will be published soon but I’m working on the basis everyone who booked for this date, assuming it was at Leos, will want to come.

And on 5 September and then every Tuesday from 19 September to 26 March 2024 we’ll be at Leos, weather and ground conditions permitting.

Hopefully we’ll be at GSAL on 2 April 2024.