East Hull 20

Four Striders journeyed to Hull on Sunday morning for the traditional London prep race the East Hull 20. There was a unusual delay to the start – a 10 minute delay because of the Skirlaugh Tractor Rally. It still did not prevent the runners and tractors meeting head on after about 3 miles – runners were given priority when I passed the shiny polished tractors. Conditions were reasonable – too sunny and too windy at times but overall not too bad on this predominantly out and back flat course. Andrew Bennett had an excellent run – finishing 17th overall in 2:06:15, I was 299th in 2:53:37 having set off too quickly – when will I learn, Brian Tyrrell continued his marathon prep running with ex Strider Stuart Harris in a time of 3:25:59 and Rachel Waters finished in 3:44:46. Runners were rewarded with a blanket/wrap and a buffet.