Scoring Rules for Series

  For individuals, it is best 3 races to count.  The points awarded in each
  of the 4 races are examined and each runner who has run 4 races excludes 
  the highest value.  Runners who have run 3 races count all the 3 races that
  they have run!
  Note that for "senior" individuals i.e. everyone over 17 years old who runs in 
  one of the two senior races, these races are each notionally split into nine 
     Women - Junior (17-20), Senior (21-34), W35 (35-39), W40 (40-44), W45 (45-49), 
                                W50 (50-54), W55 (55-59), W60 (60-64), W65 (65+)
       Men - Junior (17-20), Senior (21-34), M35 (35-39), M40 (40-44), M45 (45-49), 
                                M50 (50-54), M55 (55-59), M60 (60-64), M65 (65+)
  So for example to score the M50 category, in each race, the first M50 scores 1 
  point, the second 2 points etc

  For junior teams, it is best 3 races to count.  Points are awarded for each
  team in each of the four races.  In each race, the team with the least number
  of runner points scores 1 team point, the second team scores 2 team points etc.
  For senior teams, all 4 races count.  Senior teams are NOT split into the 9 
  age categories.