August 1998

1998 Issue 3

Annual General Meeting: Will be Tuesday 22nd September 8pm at Leos.

Leeds Half Marathon: Although we only had 5 runners in the Full Marathon, the girls and boys done good in the half marathon, being placed 2nd team and 4th team respectively.

Sunday Training Run: Has been revived and starts 09:15 (earlier than before) from Smithy Mills Lane. If you are interested in running one Sunday, contact Gary Shipley (294-1726) or Paul Furness (269-8231) to find out what is planned. This is normally a steady run of approx 2 hours, but at about an hour, there is a short-cut back to the start to make a run of 1hr 20mins if you are looking for a shorter run. NB Gary's "handicap" is to run the 3 miles from his home to Smithy Mills before the run and back home afterwards!

Thursday Training: Continues from Leo's until at least the end of summer. If you are not a regular Thursday-person and you want to run, then from September, check the location with Sylvia (266-6288).

Subscriptions for Sept 98 to Aug 99: Price held at 5 until 22nd September 11pm. We have already had 10 early renewals, including from your Spiders president, Stuart, who wrote to report, sadly, of another failed running comeback, but that THE BIKE was still in use every day for his 16 mile round trip to work

Grand Prix (from Bob)

Results & Race Reports

Leeds Marathon

24	Eric Cusack		3.00.16
30	Steve O'Callaghan	3.02.10
113	Dick Dale		3.32.43
139	Max Jones		3.42.18
249	George Dawson		4.02.48

Leeds 1/2 Marathon

21	Roy Flesher		1.20.21
37	Ron Pannell		1.22.59
46	Mick Wrench		1.24.10
49	Tim Towler		1.24.33
69	Bob Jackson		1.27.30
78	Howard Jeffrey		1.28.17
89	Tony Haygarth		1.29.11
164	Bob Wilkes		1.33.45
241	Alan Whittle		1.37.36
260	Paul White		1.38.19
353	Lynne Bostock		1.41.32
359	Erica Hiorns		1.41.39
637	Tony Lupton		1.51.03
772	Paul Wilton		1.55.23
840	Alison Marrington	1.58.08

These results gave us 4th mens team and, even better, the wimins team were 2nd .

Hutton Roof

Paul Briscoe finished just ahead of Steve Webb - for a race report see the Spiders News section. Mick Wrench, Liz Ball and Tony Foster were the other Spiders claiming GP points.

Thirsk 10 - Roy Flesher took advantage of the flattish course and good running weather (no wind, but maybe a little too warm) to record an excellent PB 58.26. Second Strider was Tim Towler, his 61.57 showing the effect of regular Tuesday training. Third Strider also gained a PB, Kath Kaiser with 62.44 - she was 2nd wumin and 1st vet. Then came BobJ, Ron (1st V60), Howard, BobW, Max, Natalie (under 70 mins) and Dick. Max, on video, recorded his second 10mile time in minutes less than his age - at 70 years 362 days his official time was 69.39. He had achieved this also at Tadcaster 10 with 70.10 aged 70 years 9 months. As far as I know, Ronnie Pannell is the only other Strider in this 'Club', with 58.15 aged 59 at the Thirsk 10 two years ago.

Summer Handicap - The recent heavy rain and works on the Meanwood Trail by Yorkshire Water forced course designers Geoff and Bob to devise a route that was more on the lines of our West Yorks cross-country event than the Trail Race.

The wimins relay team were elsewhere engaged and the muddy conditions must have frightened off a few more (including trail supremo Briscoe), so we only had 13 starters, plus the support of faithful officials Crosfill and Crosfill with umbrella. There would be three laps of approx. 11/2 miles, and on the suggestion of Paul Furness, we all went on a warm-up lap to see the route. Paul's tactic to distract everyone by talking all the way round did not work, as no-one got lost during the race.

Dave Cusack was off first, but was still under a severe penalty for winning the Xmas Handicap, so did not hold the lead for long. Next off were, in sequence, JohnW, Dick, and GW who was 15 secs in front of Sylvia. BobJ set off with Eric, in front of Ian, Tim, PaulF and Roy. Then there was a big gap to Paul Webster 15 secs ahead of Steve Webb.

GW set a cracking pace and was in the lead after a lap and a half. But the long legs of Webb and Webbo(P) were covering the ground at a rapid rate, and with Paul's recent fell experience, a good race was in store. In the event, it took a full 2 laps for Steve to make up those 15 seconds on Paul, but once he had overtaken, Steve was then well away. He picked up and overtook Geoff midway through the 3rd lap, and came home 27 seconds clear of Paul, who had overtaken Geoff on the last uphill.

John W held on well for 4th, with Dick (5th) nearly catching him, then Paul F (6th) who had come well through the field. The remaining places were 7th Bob, 8th Roy, 9th Dave who had held off Dad Eric by 35 secs, 11th Tim and 12th Sylvia. Sylvia could have done with another 30 laps and the places might have been reversed! Ian had retired after 2 laps, not wishing to risk his back in view of the forthcoming Potteries Marathon at the weekend.

Eccup 10 (report from Peter Lambert)

Unlike the previous two years when it was blistering hot, the day was good for running - cool, damp and cloudy with a rain shower near the end. 8 Striders ran, with a creditable 16th place from Roy Flesher in 61mins followed by P.Lambo (67 mins : 1st O-60), R.Dale (69), P.White (73), K.Sansome & K.Black (75), G.Dawson (77) and P.Sanders (80).

I understand all but myself and Paul ran the 3 day event, and Kathy and Penny both won prizes in their respective age categories, but I don't have the full results.

Current Placings (including provisional points for Harewood & Harrogate)

Aug'98 Coach's Column (from Max)


Tim and myself put together 3 sheets of information on the Striders which Leos' s will use to support their case for lottery money. Until that goes forward, we don't expect to hear much more, but maybe we will have an update at the AGM.

Regarding Letters from "A Wellwisher" (from Bob)

P.Lambo and myself have both recently received letters from "A Wellwisher" commenting on the Ode in May's V.S.News which corrected a race report from G.W. Neither letter was signed, but I believe I have uncovered a significant clue - the envelope in which mine arrived had been re-used and the sticky label with my address covered the original address being a doctor's surgery in Harehills.

The letter to me criticised me for referring to the same G.W.'s age as 55, "whereas in Martian years, he is in fact a youth of 39". I would like to take this opportunity to point out that in Earth years, in the hexadecimal system, he is only 37. From now on, I expect the Fell Race Championship points to be recorded in Martian and/or hexadecimal.

The letter also corrected my article in May V.S. News when I said that the same G.W. had been lapped in "The National". I should have said that he appeared to be trying to be lapped so that he would have been seen on TV as the leaders passed him. Another failure!

But seriously, the Editor offers his apologies to any Strider or Spider who, by any articles, has been caused distress. Please write to the Editor if you have any such complaints. NB this will not result in a reduction in anyone's Handicap. (5 might, but complaints won't).

Wimins News

Round-the-Park Relays (from Sylvia)

We entered a team in the Round-the-Park Relays - a series of 3 Wednesday evenings for teams of 4, where each runner ran a leg of approx 11/4 miles - twice. Liz, Kathy K, Carole and Nat ran the first two, and I was substitute for the final one when Nat was on holiday. The format was good fun ... and we won all 3 races!

Worth Way Relay (from Sylvia)

We once again entered the Worth Way Relay and brought the trophy home. Carole was first off and was beaten into 2nd place by Keighley's wonder woman of the fells, Jo Prowse. Liz took over and turned a 1min 8secs deficit into a 3secs lead. On the 3rd leg, I ran exactly the same time as the Keighley girl and handed over to Kathy K who sped off bringing us home with a lead of 3min 14secs.

The race report reads "The one individual time to be broken this year was by Liz Ball of Valley Striders. Liz managed to annihilate her own record for the 2nd leg by an astonishing 44secs, well done".

The men also ran, under the team name "Webster's Whalleys", though on the night, Geoff's lad Paul was unavailable. Tony Haygarth and Ken Kaiser completed the team finishing 2mins behind us.

Tony didn't come to the presentation, saying he was starving. We munched our way through platefuls of sandwiches and quiche and then started on the curry courtesy of Shimla Spice of Keighley. Well, Geoff and John did - I can't stand the stuff, even the mildest is too hot for me sadly, so they ate my portion too ... and Kathy's and Ken's and Carole's and Liz's ... all for 2 entry fee each.

Thanks, Sylvia, it's been a while since we had a post-race culinary report : contributions on this subject are always welcome - Ed

West Yorks x-c

Corrections to report in May V.S. News - Liz beat Kathy in the final race of the W.Y. League (Grand Prix points have been adjusted) and Liz was not only 1st Vet, but also 3rd Wumin overall in the W.Y. League Series.

International News

The Comrades Marathon in South Africa

Training for Comrades - by Neil Stoddard

Comrades 1998 - getting to the start - by Max Jones

Striders at Marathons afar

At Paris, Roy Flesher ran a PB 2:46. And at the Potteries Marathon (well, its "abroad" for us Tykes), Dick ran a good 3:23 on a hot day.

Ian Place reports from Mexico

Whilst enjoying an early Sunday morning run on holiday in Mexico, I was surprised to come across preparations for a race. The place was Puerto Vallerta on the Pacific Coast, the time 8am, the temperature 75oF. When I said I had no money, the locals just laughed and handed me an entry form. There must have been approximately 30 runners with a distance of 4km being 2 laps of the town centre on cobbles. It started when the police had shut the streets and finished 25 mins later when the last runner (not me) crossed the line. I finished in 15m34s well down the field. Then the children's races started - 6 in all ranges from 50metres to 250metres depending on the age group. I enjoyed the experience and hope to receive the 100 points for my effort despite there only being one other Strider holidaying in the area at the time, namely Mr Fred Douglas, whose training that morning must have taken him a different route.

Best Wishes for a Speedy Recovery to...

... Chris Jackson, who has been in hospital for an operation for breast cancer, and is now undergoing follow-up chemotherapy every 3 weeks. Although this treatment will continue for over 6 months, he hopes to be back to some light running within a matter of weeks.

Congratulations to...

... Jon Willingham, who has passed the first part of his Sergeant's examinations. However, the late nights studying have taken their toll on his fitness - he'll have to get back training with us soon otherwise he'll never catch any criminals!

Advertising Feature : Briscoe's Brewery

Briscoe's Brewery is a new micro-brewery owned and operated by Dr. Paul Briscoe, a PhD microbiologist who has been brewing quality "full mash" beers at home for almost 20 years. The brewery, located in Otley in the heart of Yorkshire's picturesque Wharfe Valley, produces specialist batches of traditional naturally conditioned cask and bottled beers for the local market, with the emphasis very much on quality and character rather than quantity. Only the finest quality ingredients are used with a wide range of specialist malts and hop varieties being employed to give optimum character and individuality to the beers.

So starts Paul's "flyer" for his brewery, which goes into full commercial production in August. The beer will be available in cases of 12 bottles, or in 5-gallon or 9-gallon casks. For more information, call Paul on 01943-466515.

Spiders News

Race Reports (from Geoff Webster)

Holme Moss 17miles/4000ft

This was a good result for the Spiders. Paul Webo would probably have won the race if he hadn't had to stop twice to tie his shoelaces and look at the spectacular views. He finished 4th in 2hr 36min. Liz had an interesting run in that she set up a long lead over Sylvia but managed to go off course about 12 miles into the race. This allowed Sylvia to go into the lead but she also missed the 12 mile checkpoint and although she finished first, she confessed her error and was given a bottle of wine as a consolation. Meanwhile Liz, who is on top form at the moment, made a big effort to get to thc checkpoint and back on course. She finished in the time of 3hr 15min despite doing an extra mile. Liz also had the experience of passing the struggling G.W. twice!! in the same race. Poor old G.W. was also passed in the closing stages by the fast-finishing Ken K. Kath K finished 3rd wumin just behind G.W. John W. came in next and he was 2nd Over-55. He was followed in by Tony F. who was making a return to long distance fell running.

Settle Hills (Yorkshire Championships)

This race was part of the Grand Prix so it was no surprise to find Bob Wilkes on the start line. Liz excelled once again and finished 4th wumin and first Spider for 100 Striders G.P. points. Ken K was the first male Spider home, just ahead of Sylvia who was 6th wumin and 1st really old lady, and who finished 12 seconds ahead of G.W. Tony Foster came in next followed by novice fell runner Bob W. Bob started off on the uphill section like a budding champion, but was overhauled on the rough stuff by the more experienced Spiders.

The Corn Dolly Folly (from Peter Lambert)

The week following my 1st place O-60 at the Eccup 10, the "old man of the hills" struck again. Taking part in this 27 mile LDWA event from Pocklington, I was the event winner.

It was a difficult course due to missing paths and woods with near non-existent tracks due to overgrown vegetation, nettles and brambles, which tore my legs to pieces. The win was due to local knowledge, good map-reading skills, and stamina, not to speed work.

Joyce did an alternative 14 mile route and came 10th overall, again due to local knowledge and spurred on by the joy of beating me in for once!


"The Plight of the Navigator" (from Paul Briscoe)

Ace orienteer Steve Webb appears to have been doing plenty of sec ret training in recent months to get himself in shape for a summer of racing on the fells, obviously hoping to use his excellent navigational skills to good effect. Unfortunately for Steve, the first two fell races he chose to run were flagged throughout - but he got lost on both!

Steve's first sortie was to the Hutton Roof Crags Race (near Kirkby Lonsdale) with his partner Sarah (when is she going to join the Spiders?). Grand Prix points were at stake so several other Spiders and a very tired and crocked P. Briscoe also turned out, each hoping to add to their points tally. Steve's training paid off as he sped off into the distance over the limestone pavements, building a commanding lead. Sadly though, Steve followed a group who missed the flags and took a wrong turn with a couple of miles to go, losing several places. Steve lost his resolve after this cock-up and his pace slowed. Meanwhile, realising that the gap to Steve was narrowing, Briscoe's tail was suddenly up and he closed for the kill, surging past just before the final descent. So Briscoe took an undeserved 100 points whilst Steve was filled with understandable anguish that his moment of glory had eluded him.

Steve then tried to take some solace from a good performance in the Pen-y-Ghent race a couple of weeks later. He started even better this time and was reported as being third to the summit. However, beyond this point, things went dramatically downhill in more ways than one, as our intrepid hero went astray in the mist, losing over 10 minutes and finishing about 150th. Well behind Steve at the summit, Paul Webster had an excellent run to finish inside the top twenty - he clearly found a better line by sticking to the flags and finished without seeing any sign of Steve. I must mention Liz Ball who became the Spiders' first fell race winner in recent times (and who must also have passed Steve on his travels).

My advice to Steve would be to persevere with fell running ... but next time choose a course that requires a map and compass!


Leeds Country Way (Paul F 269-8231 and Sylvia 266-6288)

This seems an appropriate point to remind all Striders/Spiders who have been selected for Leeds Country Way teams that both members of each pair should recce their "legs" thoroughly. Anyone who has not put their name forward but is coming back from injury / lack of fitness and may be fit on the day - contact Paul or Sylvia now to discuss your situation - you may be a valuable reserve.


Remaining Events (from Geoff Webster 266-6288)

Sat	Aug 1	1100	Borrowdale 17 - Rosthwaite, Borrowdale
Sun	Aug 2	1000	Barnoldswick mixed terrain 6 - Rolls Royce Club
Sun	Aug 2	1200	Latrigg 3 - Keswick (part of Borrowdale weekend)
Sun	Aug 2	1330	Weeton Show 5 (BOFRA) Weeton near Harrogate
Tue	Aug 4	1900	Crow Hill 5 - Dusty Miller Pub nr Mytholmroyd
Sat	Aug 8	1500	Arncliffe Gala 2 - Village Green, Arncliffe
Sun	Aug 9	1500	Wadsworth Gala 6 - Old Town, Hebden Bridge
Tue	Aug 11	1830	Guide Inn Race - nr Keighley
Sun	Aug 16	1200	Sedbergh Hills 14
Sat	Aug 22	1700	Burnsall Classic 11/2 - pre-enter - see below 
Sat 	Aug 29	1500	Mount Skip 41/2 - Mytholmroyd
Sat	Aug 29		Smugglers Trod 26 - Robin Hoods Bay - pre-enter - G.W.
Mon	Aug 31		Hebden Gala 4 (BOFRA)
Tue	Sep 1	1400	Kilnsey Crags 11/4 - pre-enter - see below
Sun	Sep 6	1630	Bradley Show 41/2 - near Skipton
Sat 	Sep 12	1200	Hawkswick Dash 3 (BOFRA)
Sat	Sep 12	1500	Lothersdale Gala 21/2 - see below
Sun	Sep 13		Yorkshireman Trail Marathon - Haworth - pre-enter
Sun	Sep 20	1200	Burnsall 11/2 again 20yds longer BOFRA
Sun	Sep 27	1100	Whernside Fell 11 - Dent
Sat	Oct 10	1100	Brown Knoll 6 - Dusty Miller Pub nr Mytholmroyd
Sat	Oct 24	1130	Withins Skyline 7 - Penistone Hill Car Park, Haworth
Sun	Oct 25		Gale Inn Race 41/2 - Littleborough
Sun	Nov 1		Black Lane Ends 5 - Hare & Hounds Pub, Skipton-Colne road
Sat	Nov 7		Shepherds Skyline 6 - Shepherds Rest, Lumbutts, Todmorden
Sun	Nov 8	1100	Kelbrook Fell 31/2 - nr Earby & Barnoldswick
Sat	Nov 14	1030	Tour of Pendle 17 - pre-enter - see below
Sat 	Nov 14		Burley Bridge Hike 21 - nr Ilkley - pre-enter - G.W.
Sun 	Nov 15	1030	Lords Stones 11 - Black Swan, Kirkby nr Stokesley
Sat	Nov 21	0900 	Settle 23 - Settle Primary School - pre-enter - see below
Sun	Nov 29	1100	Rivock Edge 10 - Silsden nr Keighley

Further Details


Fell Championship (from Geoff Webster)

Half way through the season and Tony Foster is setting a strong pace at the head of affairs. Steve Webb is probably closer than the present points tally suggests because his Buckden Pike Race result is not included. Meanwhile Liz has progressed to 3rd place and could be the first wumin to win.

T.Foster 576 S.Webb 462 Liz 412 G.W. 371 T.Haygarth 335 Sylvia 305 A.Tones 191 Ken.K 179 PaulWebo 177 M.Wrench 157 P.Briscoe 127 Lyn 116 Kath.K 111 JohnW. 86 M.Loftus 52 P.Lambo 46 S.O'Cal 46 BobW. 38 Natalie 36


The Two Peaks Walk (from Bob Jackson)

One Wednesday in May, fellow Strider Mick Tinker organised a walk for 6 colleagues from work (including myself) to take in Ingleborough and Pen-y-Ghent. On the train from Leeds to Ribblesdale, I passed around the May "Striders News" and the others marvelled at Paul's tale of running the 24-mile 3 Peaks in 31/4 hours, whereas we were planning to walk 15 or so miles in 8 hours. We were all just taking a day off work, trying to get away from it all, but we still managed to get surveyed on the top of Ingleborough by a Park Warden who wanted to know how we'd got there, whether we'd been before, what caused most damage to the footpaths (Mick said 4-wheel drives, I said fell runners). On the way down from Ingleborough to Horton, there was a runner in a luminous green vest coming towards us. "Must be a fell runner - you'll know him" said the others to me. "Hello, Paul Webster" said I as the runner went past. He was obviously getting in some secret training for the Pen-y-Ghent race and the Summer Handicap ... and also, as I later found out, for a successful "assault" on Mont Blanc (yes the one in the Alps, not the fountain pen).


Spiders AGM

Will be Tuesday 22 September, 8pm at Leos

Grand Prix Events (Jon Willingham 01756-700820)

Remaining events:

Wed	Aug 12	1915	Hyde Park 5k
Wed 	Aug 19	1900	Mileta 10 mile - Spenborough Sports Centre (Spen 20 HQ)
Tue	Sep 15	1845	Handicap 10k from Eccup Res (path from Alwoodley Lane)
Sun	Sep 27		Horsforth 10k
Sun	Oct 4		York 10 from Askham Bryan
Sun 	Oct 11		Manchester Marathon
Sat 	Oct		1st West Yorks Cross Country
Sun 	Nov 		Guy Fawkes 10 Ripley (unless we can find a better event)
Sat	Nov		2nd West Yorks Cross Country	
Sun	Dec		Abbey Dash


(from Max) Farewell and Good Luck to...

George Black, who, by the time you read this, will have taken the high road back to his beloved Scotland, this time to the East coast nearer Louise's native city rather than to his own Glasgow.

We shall remember George for his enthusiasm and his aggressive running on Tuesday evenings, when he was training for some major race and also for his lack of both when, suddenly, he would go walkabout. Then he would build up a new waistline from scratch in a month until, suddenly, the pendulum would swing back as the spirit moved him. Twice he shed 20lbs seemingly overnight to gain his place in the Scottish team in the British Isles Vets Cross Country Championships, gaining a silver and a bronze as well as being 1st Scottish M55 to finish. He won his gold as second counter, at the WAVA World Championships in 1991, in the British M50 marathon squad in a time of 2:48 (and that was with a haemoglobin count of only 11.79/dl!).

George came to us - and leaves us - as our fastest Vet over the marathon distance with his 2:30 in the Glasgow Marathon at the age of 43, only 9 months after he had taken up running : in his youth he had been a track racing cyclist before winning the Scottish 12 hour championship at his first attempt at an endurance event. He had also cycled 100 miles in 4:24, which was a good time in the 1960s : being first Strider home in the Abbey Dash in 34:49 at the age of 57 wasn't bad, either. According to the Age Graded Tables, that was equivalent to an Open Class 10k of 29:28, a time which would surely have gained George a place in the Scottish Commonwealth Games teams of 1962 and 1966.

Be that as it may, his international call-ups conferred Honorary Membership of the Striders on George so, hopefully, we'll see him down at Christmas for the Handicap. There'll be a glass of Macallan's for you, George, if you come!

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