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"Well done!" - if you ran the Abbey Dash 10k in Leeds on December 7th, or have recently run a 10k elsewhere.

When you've had time to realise what you've achieved, you may be thinking about something even more exciting. What about running the Leeds Marathon in 1998?


Not really, because the problem with the marathon is not the distance - in London, hundreds walk it in 6 hours or more - but the speed you go at. Around 10,000 people run a marathon for the first time every year in Britain : in 5 months time, if you wanted to, you could, too.

The Valley Striders Club here in Leeds has lots of experience of running in marathons - several of us have finished more than 50. Because we'd like to share the enjoyment and pride of that with you, we're offering to help you finish in the 1998 Leeds Marathon.

This is what we're proposing. Join Valley Striders during January 1998, and we'll suggest how you can best get ready, in the following 4½ months, to run in Leeds on May 17. We have Club training runs every Tuesday and Thursday evenings with, usually, one of our more experienced marathoners in charge (but when you start to get into it, you'll want to train, maybe, two or three times a week more than that). As the weeks roll by, you'll find others who like running at about the same pace as you and, with guidance from our qualified Club Coaches, you'll be able to estimate to the nearest five minutes or so how long it will take you to run the full marathon.

Then, on Race Day, we'll have one experienced runner aiming to finish in 3 hours, and others every 10-15 minutes thereafter, until the last runner/walker crosses the finish line. There may be 2 runners in a group, there may be 22. Each convoy will try to stay together for, say, the first 25 miles, but anyone finding the pace too hot can just get off that "bus" and wait (or jog slowly) for the next one : it'll be along in 10-15 minutes.


Contact Max Jones on Leeds 240-2987 between now and December 31, or Bob Jackson on Leeds 289-2830 between 1 January and 5 January, for further information. Then turn up at Old Leos' Club, King Lane (one mile North of Sainsbury's) on Tuesday 6th January at 6:30pm for the first training session of the new year. (If you can't make 6th January, then phone Max or Bob and they'll advise you when the next suitable session will be).


  1. We run on Tuesdays at 6:45pm from Old Leos' Club, King Lane, Alwoodley
    and on Thursdays at 6:30pm from Scott Hall Sports Centre
  2. Our annual subscription is normally 10. But a special rate of 4, payable by 31st January, will cover you till August 1998.
  3. First claim members of other clubs are welcome to join us as second claim members - at the same rates.
  4. Now that the Leeds Marathon is a 2 lap course, if you still do not feel confident of running the full marathon, you could just book a single circuit, and e.g. if you caught our 4 hour bus, you could run the ½ marathon in 2 hours (which would be an achievement in itself if you've never run a ½ marathon).

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Created on 6 Dec 1997