Lists of teams
Updated 8 December 2017

YORKSHIRE CROSS COUNTRY 2018 only shows people who've paid
Payments to 7 December 5pm	
  Claudia Stanton
  Rachel Mackie
  Chloe Hudson
  Paul Fotherby
  Pascale Fotherby
  Myra Jones
  Paul Kaiser
  Sofia Robottom
  Stefan Robottom
NORTHERN CROSS COUNTRY 2018 only shows people who've paid
Payments to 7 December 5pm	
  Claudia Stanton
  Mick Tinker
  Rachel Mackie
  Chloe Hudson
  Paul Fotherby
  Pascale Fotherby
  Myra Jones
  Paul Kaiser


	PECO XC LEAGUE - Adults please pay 3 to AC Payments account	
	Entries and payments to 27 November	
paid	Ella Adlard	
paid	Liz Ball	
paid	Carmel Barker	
paid	Holly Button	
paid	Maureen Coffey	
paid	Alison Eaves-Lai	
paid	Pascale Fotherby	
paid	Steph Gledhill
paid	Sarah Graham	
paid	Samantha Harris	
paid	Nicola Hartley	
paid	Helen Hilton	
paid	Christine Huckerby	
paid	Chloe Hudson	
paid	Jean Hussey	
paid	Anne Jones	
paid	Myra Jones	
paid	Leila Kara	
paid	Bethany Lovell	
paid	Rachel Mackie	
paid	Sarah Mann	
paid	Julie McGurk	
paid	Gemma Merritt	
paid	Becky Murray	
paid	Liz Reddington	
paid	Fiona Robins	
paid	Josie Rothera	
paid	Carole Schofield	
paid	Sarah Smith	
paid	Amanda Spencer	
paid	Claudia Stanton	
paid	Sue Sunderland	
paid	Liz Wood	
paid	Sarah Woodeson	
paid	John Batchelor	
paid	Ross Bibby	
paid	Tom Brown	
paid	Matt Chadwick	
paid	Malcolm Coles	
paid	Sean Cook	
paid	Jack Crawford	
paid	Steve Dixon	
paid	Richard Drake	
paid	Dan Fisher	
paid	Sean Fitzgerald	
paid	Paul Fotherby	
paid	Ken Fox	
paid	Anthony Fryer	
paid	Mike Furby	
paid	Joel Giddings	
paid	Benjamin Hall	
paid	Michael Hall	
paid	Neil Hall	
paid	Matthew Hallam	
paid	Rob Hamilton	
paid	Joe Hanney	
paid	Daryl Hibberd	
paid	John Hobbs	
paid	Roy Huggins	
paid	John Hussey	
paid	Richard Irvine	
paid	Bob Jackson	
paid	Paul Kaiser	
paid	Howard King	
paid	Jeremy Ladyman	
paid	Ben Leaver	
paid	Philip Lim	
paid	Andrew Linley	
paid	Huw Lippiatt	
paid	Vernon Long	
paid	Paul Mackreth	
paid	Jonathan Macnay	
paid	Gary Mann	
paid	Rob Marsh	
paid	Kevin McMullan	
paid	Simon Midwood	
paid	Tony Mills	
paid	Dan Murray	
paid	Graham Needham	
paid	Eamon O'Brien	
paid	Adam Parton	
paid	Graham Pawley	
paid	Alec Pearson	
paid	Mike Powell	
paid	Jon Pownall	
paid	Dan Robins	
paid	Mike Robins	
paid	Ian Rosser	
paid	Ian Sanderson	
paid	Chris Sawyer	
paid	Neil Sedgley	
paid	Dave Simms	
paid	Greg Skerrett	
paid	Paul Smith	
paid	Alistair Smyth	
paid	Paul Stokes	
paid	Andy Stoneman	
paid	Tim Straughan	
paid	Martin Sutcliffe	
paid	Leroy Sutton	
paid	James Tarran	
paid	Gwil Thomas	
paid	Mick Tinker	
paid	Andy Toon	
paid	Jake Towler	
paid	Tim Towler	
paid	Brian Tyrrell	
paid	Simon Vallance	
paid	Tom Venning	
paid	John Wallace	
*DUE	Geoff Webster	Myra email

  ENTRIES ON THE DAY RACE 1 - paid directly to Peco
      Ruth Warren
      Alistair Preston
      Oliver Thornton
paid  Richard Adcock
paid  Paul White 
	PECO XC LEAGUE - Juniors - included in membership fees (pay 33 to AC Membership account)	
	Entries and payments to 27 November	
paid	Jessica Baxter	
paid	Caitlyn Hartley	
paid	Jorgie Hartley	
paid	Katy Irvine	
paid	Ella Lim	
paid	Millie McLaren	
paid	Darcey Mollitt	
paid	Elsie O'Shea	
paid	Martha O'Shea	
paid	Flo Pell	
paid	Evie Rose	
paid	Lily Sadler	
paid	Charlotte Skerrett	
paid	Emily Thomson	
paid	Alannah Thornton	
	BOYS 1 MILE (YEARS 2 to 6)	
paid	William Barton	
paid	Gus Cawcutt	
paid	Daniel Fotherby	
paid	Michael Fotherby	
paid	Marcus Johnstone	
*DUE	Leon Jones	
paid	Felix Linley	
paid	Griff Lippiatt	
paid	Iestyn Lippiatt	
paid	Oliver Lubiecki	
paid	Luke Mackreth	
paid	Joe McLaren	
paid	Conor Moriarty	
paid	Darragh Moriarty	
paid	Henry Pell	
paid	Sam Preston	
paid	Stefan Robottom	
paid	Dexter Rosenberg	
paid	Theodore Rosenberg	
paid	Matthew Sedgley	
paid	Ben Shenderey	
paid	James Taylor	
paid	Jamie Thomson	
paid	Toby Walker	
paid	Julien Warr	
paid	Joseph Whitehouse	
paid	Alfie Young	
paid	Emily Hilton	
paid	Imogen Idle	
paid	Annabel Lim	
paid	Sophia Lubiecki	
paid	Josephine Pawley	
paid	Sofia Robottom	
paid	Alex Skerrett	
paid	Hannah Taylor	
paid	Reuben Hill	
paid	Joe Irvine	
paid	Daniel Keen-Bone	
paid	Sam Mackreth	
paid	Tom Mackreth	
paid	Fin McLaren	
paid	Aidan Moriarty	
paid	James Preston	
paid	Isaac Rose	
paid	Alec Twigg	
paid	Jason Twigg	
paid	Jamie Walker	
paid	Jack Woodeson	

paid  Lewis James
paid  Laurie O'Brien
paid  Archie McLellan 
paid  Abby Young
paid  Ted Crossland
paid  Barney Crossland
  ? Robins

*DUE	Alfie Jones	race 3 onwards
paid	Andrea Robottom	
paid	Feargus Hagerty	later?
paid	Gabriel Foody	
paid	James Worrall	race 3?
paid	Max Mauborgne	
paid	Max Worrall	race 3?
paid	Nuala Hagerty	later?
paid	Stefan Robottom	


16 juniors, 1 Under-20 and 23 seniors entered

Junior girls (8)
  Flo Pell         U11 (Helen Pell
  Imogen Idle      U13 (Jon Idle
  Hannah Taylor    U13 (Simon Taylor
  Josie Pawley     U13 (Graham Pawley
  Keira Jones      U13 (Paul Jones
  Sofia Robottom   U15 (Karl Robottom
  Sophia Lubiecki  U15 (Beate Lubiecki
  Sophie Turner    U17 (Louise Turner
Junior boys (8)        
  Felix Linley     U11 (Andy Linley
  Toby Walker      U11 (Samantha Walker
  Gus Cawcutt      U11 (Matt Cawcutt
  Leon Jones       U11 (Nick Smith
  Tom MaLists of Debts
YORKSHIRE CROSS COUNTRY Saturday 7 January at Lightwater Valley
 J Alfie Jones
 J Imogen Idle
 J Jamie Walker
 J Keira Jones
 J Sofia Robottom
 J Sophie Turner
 J Tally Diamond     (entered separately)

 M Alisdair Burns
 M Dan Fisher
 M Daz Hibberd
 M Gwil Thomas
 M James Tarran	 
 M Paul Fotherby
 M Ross Bibby
 M Steve Dixon

 W Amanda Seims
 W Claudia Stanton
 W Hannah Corne
 W Liz Reddington
 W Liz Wood
 W Louise Cazan
 W Myra Jones
 W Nicola Hartley
 W Pascale Fotherby
 W Rachel Mackie

 M Jerry Watson    (Thames H&H)

NORTHERN CROSS COUNTRY Saturday 28 January at Knowsley Park
 J Tally Diamond    (U13)(entered separately)
 J Sophie Turner    (U15)
 J Sophia Lubiecki  (U15)

 M Daz Hibberd
 M Paul Fotherby
 M Matt Hallam
NATIONAL CROSS COUNTRY Saturday 25 February at Wollaton Park, Nottingham
 J Tally Diamond    (U13)(entered separately)
 J Sophie Turner    (U15)
 J Sophia Lubiecki  (U15)
 J Avner Bordoley   (U17)

 M Ali Burns
 M Dan Fisher
 M Daz Hibberd
 M Jake Towler
 M Jon Pownall
 M Matt Chadwick
 M Matt Hallam
 M Paul Fotherby
 M Steve Webb

 W Sara Dyer
PECO CROSS COUNTRY  Sundays 27 Nov (Temple Newsam), 18 Dec (TBC), 22 Jan (West Park), 19 Feb (Barnbow), 5 Mar (Roundhay Park)


for payments click here

Please click here for race information

Please collect your number on the day.  If fine it will be on the Valley Striders banner, if wet it will be near the registration area.

Please ensure you have your number before queuing to register and pay.  The first thing they will ask is your race number!

Added for race 3

  Abi Frankland     1805
  Paul Stokes       1806
  Tom Button        1807
  Claudia Stanton   1808

Added for race 2 as guest, run for VS from race 3

  Holly Button     1771   (paid directly)

Added for race 2

  Howard King      1766

Race 1 entries (110)

  F  Ball          Liz          1376
  F  Barker        Carmel        1481
  F  Bentley       Rachel       1377
  F  Bibby         Rebecca      1378
  F  Capper        Claire       1379
  F  Coffey        Maureen      1380
  F  Corne         Hannah       1381
  F  Eaves         Alison       1382
  F  Fontana       Jane         1383
  F  Fotherby      Pascale      1384
  F  Gledhill      Steph        1385
  F  Graham        Sarah         1484
  F  Grant         Sarah        1386
  F  Harris        Samantha     1387
  F  Hartley       Nicola       1388
  F  Hudson        Chloe        1389
  F  Hussey        Jean         1390
  F  Jones         Anne         1391
  F  Jones         Myra         1392
  F  Laxton        Michaela     1393
  F  Lovell        Bethany      1394
  F  Mackie        Rachel       1395
  F  Mankin        Dawn         1396
  F  Miles         Justine      1397
  F  Murray        Becky        1398
  F  Pagdin        Sarah        1399
  F  Reddington    Liz          1400
  F  Robins        Fiona        1401
  F  Rodgers       Judith       1402
  F  Seims         Amanda       1403
  F  Senior        Claire       1404
  F  Smith         Sarah        1405
  F  Sunderland    Sue          1406
  F  West          Camilla      1407
  F  Wood          Liz          1408
  M  Adcock        Richard      1409
  M  Barns         Gareth       1410
  M  Batchelor     John         1411
  M  Bell          Andrew       1412
  M  Bibby         Ross         1413
  M  Bordoley      Avner         TBA
  M  Bumstead      Rob          1414
  M  Burns         Alisdair     1415
  M  Cliff         Martin       1416
  M  Clough        Rich         1417
  M  Coles         Malcolm      1418
  M  Cook          Sean         1419
  M  Crawford      Jack         1420
  M  Davies        Alun         1421
  M  Dixon         Steve        1422
  M  Fisher        Dan          1423
  M  Fitzgerald    Sean         1424
  M  Fotherby      Paul         1425
  M  Fox           Ken          1426
  M  Furby         Mike         1427
  M  Hall          Benjamin     1428
  M  Hall          Michael      1429
  M  Hall          Neil         1430
  M  Hallam        Matthew      1431
  M  Hamilton      Rob          1432
  M  Hanney        Joe          1433
  M  Harris        Stuart       1434
  M  Harrison      Matt         1435
  M  Hibberd       Daryl        1436
  M  Hobbs         John         1437
  M  Holmes        Josh         1438
  M  Huggins       Roy          1439
  M  Hussey        John         1440
  M  Hutchinson    Alan         1441
  M  Irvine        Alex         1443
  M  Irvine        Richard      1442
  M  Jackson       Bob          1444
  M  Jones         Dave          1482
  M  Jones         Graham       1445
  M  Kaiser        Paul         1446
  M  Ladyman       Jeremy       1447
  M  Linley        Andrew       1448
  M  Long          Vernon       1449
  M  Mann          Gary         1450
  M  Marsh         Rob          1451
  M  Midwood       Simon        1452
  M  Mills         Tony         1453
  M  Murray        Dan          1454
  M  O'Brien       Eamon        1455
  M  Pagdin        Andy         1456
  M  Pawley        Graham       1457
  M  Penman        Dave         1458
  M  Powell        Mike         1459
  M  Pownall       Jon          1460
  M  Robins        Dan          1462
  M  Robins        Mike         1461
  M  Sawyer        Chris        1463
  M  Shackleton    Paul          1483
  M  Simms         Dave         1464
  M  Smith         Paul         1465
  M  Smyth         Alistair     1466
  M  Stoneman      Andy         1467
  M  Straughan     Tim          1468
  M  Sutcliffe     Martin       1469
  M  Sutton        Leroy        1470
  M  Tarran        James        1471
  M  Thomas        Gwil         1472
  M  Tinker        Mick         1473
  M  Toon          Andy         1474
  M  Towler        Jake         1475
  M  Tyrrell       Brian        1476
  M  Vallance      Simon        1477
  M  Venning       Tom          1478
  M  Wallace       John         1479
  M  Webb          Steve        1480

                          Sch Yr
  Alec Twigg               6
  Alessia Teoli            8
  Alfie Jones              6
  Alvie O'Brien            7
  Andrea Robottom          3
  Ben Shenderey            3
  Ben Williams-Dustan      6
  Daniel Fotherby          4
  Darcey Mollitt           2
  Dexter Rosenberg         3
  Emily Hilton             6
  Felix Linley             4
  Gus Cawcutt              4
  Hannah Taylor            6
  Imogen Idle              7
  Jack Woodeson            7
  James Williams-Dustan    8
  Jamie Walker             6
  Jason Twigg             11 
  Jessica Baxter           3
  Josie Pawley             6
  Keira Jones              7
  Laurie O'Brien           9
  Leon Jones               5
  Marco Teoli              4
  Michael Fotherby         2
  Nathanael Corley         6
  Orla Hemsley             6
  Sophia Lubiecki          9
  Sophie Turner           10
  Sofia Robottom           8
  Stefan Robottom          5
  Tally Diamond            7
  Theo Rosenberg           5
  Thomas Steel             6
  Toby Walker              4

WEST YORKSHIRE CROSS COUNTRY, Entries close 13 Sept  Sundays 2 Oct, 30 Oct, 20 Nov, 4 Dec

To add for race 3
   Sara Dyer
   Jonathan Smyth

Juniors (11)
   Alfie Jones      (BU11)
   Leon Jones       (BU11)
   Toby Walker      (BU11)
   Stefan Robottom  (BU11)
   Jamie Walker     (BU13)
   Josephine Pawley (GU11)
   Imogen Idle      (GU13)
   Keira Jones      (GU13)
   Tally Diamond    (GU13)
   Sofia Robottom   (GU13)
   Sophie Turner    (GU15)
   Sophia Lubiecki  (GU15) (race 2 onward)
Ladies (12)
   Chloe Hudson
   Claire Capper   (race 2 onward)
   Claudia Stanton  (U20)
   Fiona Robins    (race 2 onward)
   Liz Wood
   Louise Cazan
   Myra Jones
   Pascale Fotherby
   Rachel Bentley  (race 2 onward)
   Rachel Mackie
   Samantha Harris
   Sue Sunderland
Men (16)
   Ali Burns
   Dan Fisher
   Dan Robins    (race 2 onward)
   Dave Penman
   Daz Hibberd
   Gwil Thomas
   James Tarran
   Jerry Watson
   John Hobbs
   Matt Hallam
   Paul Fotherby
   Richard Drake
   Rob Bumstead
   Ross Bibby
   Simon Midwood
   Steve Webb