Performance Awards Scheme
2007 onwards
Updated 26 Jan 2014

For details of the scheme see below

Here is the information collected so far

We are collecting ALL Striders race times for 2007 onwards for an awards scheme. The scheme will work as follows.

Runners' race performances will be compared with the theoretical world record (see below for definition) for that distance. A time just inside double the world record will be awarded Grade 1, and there is a scale such that a time close to the world record will be Grade 10, beating the world record will be Grade 11. For more detailed calculations see below.

The distances available are 1 mile, 2 miles, 5km, 5 miles, 10km, 10 miles, half marathon, 20 miles, marathon

The theoretical world record is taken from a set of tables. This may be a slight adjustment from the actual world record if a record is considered too easy or too hard (e.g. 10 miles is infrequently raced at world standard so may be out of date).

Men and women are treated separately i.e. we use women's world records for women!

Different ages are treated separately, the tables we use (the Age-Graded Tables) have a theoretical world record at each distance for every age.

The grades will be set at 5% bands as follows, the example shows for a half marathon for a man and woman, both aged 27

V.S.    Percent W.R.      Time better than 
Grade   Range                or equal to
                           Men      Women
   A    40.0%-44.9%
   B    45.0%-49.9%
   1    50.0%-54.9%      1:58:26   2:11:40
   2    55.0%-59.9%      1:47:40   1:59:42
   3    60.0%-64.9%      1:38:42   1:49:43
   4    65.0%-69.9%      1:31:06   1:41:17
   5    70.0%-74.9%      1:24:36   1:34:03
   6    75.0%-79.9%      1:18:57   1:27:47
   7    80.0%-84.9%      1:14:01   1:22:18
   8    85.0%-89.9%      1:09:40   1:17:27
   9    90.0%-94.9%      1:05:50   1:13:09
  10    95.0%-99.9%      1:02:20   1:09:18
  11   100.0%+           0:59:13   1:05:50
NB Striders achieving lower than grade 1 will be awarded grade "A" or "B" see above (previously grade "R").

Awarding of Certificates

When a Strider has achieved 5 performances at the same grade at 3 different distances, they will be awarded a certificate at that grade.

Some small print :

Striders achieving 5 grade "A" or "B" will also be awarded a certificate

Supplementary Information

Click for full table showing sex, distance, age and times corresponding to each grade

Click for more information on age-grading (V S Website)

Click for more information on age-grading (Alan Jones)