Lists of marshals
Updated 13 May 2018

Please email if you can help at our junior races

MVT JUNIOR RACE - Tuesday 15 May 

Race night

We need approxinately 40 people, 
  however if some parents want to help but watch while their child races, 
	some extra numbers will be needed to allow doubling up 

18:30 Girls School Years 2-4 - 1km
18:40 Boys School Years 2-4 - 1km
18:50 Years 2-4 presentations
19:00 Girls and Boys Years 5-6 - 2km
19:15 Years 5-6 presentations
19:20 Girls and Boys Years 7-8 and Years 9-11 - 3km
19:45 Years 7-8 and 9-11 presentations

CAR PARKING (6 names)
   Paul Furness
   Chris Sawyer
   Andy Parker
   Rob Hamilton (also tail runner)
   John Hussey till 6pm then marshalling
   Jean Hussey till 6pm then marshalling
FIRST AID (6 names)
   Pete Twigg
   Vicky Johnstone
   Philip Lim
   Emma Rose
   Katie Giles
   Richard Walker
   Eamon O'Brien
   Alvie O'Brien
   Becky Murray  till 6:30pm then point 13
   Leila Kara    till 6:30pm then funnel marshal
   Sue Carr      arriving 6pm
   Helen Gill    arriving 6:20pm
   Mick Tinker
START / FINISH  (10 names)
   Jobs include: finish line judge, timekeepers, funnel marshals, recorders, water 
   Graham Pawley      Timekeeper
   Graham Jones       Timekeeper
   Jacqui Hill        Funnel marshal
   Leila Kara         Funnel marshal 6:30pm from registration
   Sam Harris         Recorder supervision
   Beate Lubiecki     Recorder board 1
   Izzy Whitehouse    Recorder board 1
   Liz Reddington     Recorder board 2
   Liz Wood           Recorder board 2
   Steve Hunter       Water
   Liz Foody          Water

   Richard Irvine
MARSHALS (23 names) (all please report to Richard at 6:05pm prompt on rugby pitch at bottom of steps in front of clubhouse )
    1 Ellie Twigg (y2-4,5-6 races) & Liz O'Shea (y7-11 races)
    2 Andrew Linley (y2-4,7-11 races) & Claire Sadler (y5-6,7-11 races)
    3 Samantha Walker (y2-4 races) & Rachel Mackie (y5-6,7-11 races)
    4 Sue Sunderland
    5 Ian Sanderson
    6 Jack Crawford (can go to 8 for laps through woods)
    7 Huw & Carys Lippiatt (at 6 for y2-4 races)(at 8 for laps through woods)
    8 Pat Umpleby (at 9 for y2-4 races)
    9 Lisa Jones & Wayne Barclay 
   10 Neil Sedgley  (y2-4,7-11 races) & Lucy Holt (y5-6,7-11 races)
NB points 11-23 are not for y2-4 races
   11 Sarah Kingston
   12 Ben & Sam Rosenberg
   13 Becky Murray  arriving 6:30pm 
   14 Paul & Pascale Fotherby
   15 Ian Place
   16 April Place 
   17 Carol Johnson & Liz Pollard
   18 John Hussey
   19 Jean Hussey
   20 Simon Redshaw
   21 Christine Huckerby 
   22 Steve Dixon
   23 John Umpleby        
SUBSTITUTES (please report to Richard at 6:05pm prompt)
   Anne Worrall        (BY4&BY9)
   Belinda Youngs      (GY2&BY6)
   Alistair Preston    (BY6)
   Karl Robottom

LEAD RUNNER (1 name)
   John Hobbs
TAIL RUNNER (1 name)
   Rob Hamilton


You’ll be given a bright yellow reflective jacket.
At (time to be agreed) you will be walked round the route to your marshalling position.  
You’ll given information
- You need to know where the runners are coming from
- You need to know where they are going to after they have passed you
- You need to know your contact for getting first aid (take your mobile)
- There will be 4 races, races 1 & 2 are 1km lap, race 3 is 2km, race 4 is 3km
- The first race starts at 6:30pm, the last at approx 7:20pm
- Each race will be followed by a tail runner from  VS
- After the last runner of the last race has completed their final lap (approx (time to be agreed)),
  the tail runner will let you know your work has finished
- But before you go, cut down any red-and-white tape near you (take some scissors with you!)
- NB take a warm jacket, as between the start at (time to be agreed) and the finish at (time to be agreed)
  it can get quite cold and you may be out of the sun and/or in a windy place.

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