Charlie Spedding
at Valley Striders

Created 16 July 00

left to right: Ian Place, Mick Lambert, Glen Minford, Nigel Covey, Steve Kelly, Charlie Spedding, Colin or Michael Eaton, George Dawson, Steve Wilde, Ron Kelly, Robin Holleyhead, Chris Davies, Martin Cockerham, Bob Jackson, John Sutcliffe

Hover over their noses to see who they are
but you must have the top line of the picture visible on your screen for this to work

There were 66 Striders who attended "Charlie Spedding night"

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Created by Bob Jackson eMail
Created on 16 July 2000

Ian Place Mick Lambert Glen Minford Nigel Covey Steve Kelly Charlie Spedding Colin or Michael Eaton George Dawson Steve Wilde Ron Kelly Robin Holleyhead Chris Davies Martin Cockerham Bob Jackson John Sutcliffe