Vadim Kuznetsov 1966-2006

Vadim was a member of Striders from April 2000 to March 2004.  He was a frequent Thursday runner and also ran a few races in Striders colours, including the Leeds half marathon each year from 2000 to 2003 (1:54, 1:45, 1:43 and 1:46).

In 2002, he and Peter decided to have a go at the Burley Bridge Hike 21 mile race.  Vadim dragged Peter round in 4:02 and Peter vowed never to run so far again.  After the race, the three of us were taking our muddy shoes and socks off in the pub car park just up from the Church Hall in the November drizzle trying to get the laces undone before our fingers froze!

Vadim obviously enjoyed the trail running. Peter told me his favourite run was from his house on the Meanwood Tannery site, up the Meanwood Trail, past Leos, round the Res, sometimes via Emmerdale, and then back, so he was still on the Striders routes even after giving up his membership.

Peter Cox wrote I bring to you the saddest of news that my dear friend Vadim has taken his own life at home on Friday. His suicide was unexpected and out of character and has come as a big shock to his family and close friends. I first met Vadim on the Thursday night club run and struck up a wonderful relationship. I am sure one or two of you that got to know him well. To my wife and I Vadim was without doubt the most intelligent, thoughtful, generous and quite special person we have ever met. We will miss him dearly.