Tony at Leo's is leaving, last food on Tuesday 3 July

From Steph

Tony has been the bar steward (and chef for our food on Tuesday evenings) at Leo's for the past 18 years and is taking redundancy. His last day is the 8th July.

I'm sure everyone who knows Tony will be unhappy he is leaving, but will also be happy that he has already found another job as bar manager at another local rugby club.

We are hoping that as many Striders as possible will come along for last food orders on Tuesday 3 July.

I'm sure that you won't be surprised that we've ordered pie and peas; this was always the menu till we diversified into lasagne, chilli and curry.

We're also organising a leaving collection for Tony.

Food Orders

For all bookings, please order meat pie or vegetable bake, say whether you want mushy peas or baked beans, and say whether you want a full or half portion

For "early" food at 7:15pm please order to

For "late" food, there will be an extra sitting at 9:25pm for those running at Danefield.  Those not at Danefield can book for the regular time (8:25pm).  Please order to  or via a Facebook event which will be posted later this weekend, please add whether you want your food at 8:25 or 9:25.


If you wish to donate to a leaving collection for Tony, please make a payment to
"AC Payments"
Sort Code: 53-70-00
A/c Number: 72143851
Reference to include your name and "Tony"

We haven't agreed what to buy, one suggestion is to give him the cash to put towards new kitchen knives and/or baking trays (or both if we raise sufficient) for his new job

There will be a presentation to Tony at 9:30pm.

Leo's clubhouse update

Leo's club house has run many events over the years including parties for 18 year olds. Unfortunately the terms of the new lease mean these parties can no longer take place.  This has left Leo's in a position where the profits are no longer sustainable.

The Leo's committee (not VSAC) have taken advice and voted to change the club house into a business, where somebody would buy the club house as a business and run host events etc to make it profitable. They would need to ensure the sports clubs have access and VS still get food.

This was offered to Tony at first with a favourable package however he has decided to take redundancy instead.