Subject:                          Meanwood Valley Trail Marshals - Second Issue - with a few small changes


This version contains a few minor changes from the version issued Wednesday night.  The marshals concerned have been notified


Meanwood Valley Trail 2013 – Marshals General Information

THANK YOU to everyone who has volunteered to help on Saturday (20th).

We need one marshal on Section 3 (see below)


Otherwise we have the full complement of marshals but if you’d like to come along and cheer on the runners (and help if someone doesn’t turn up), then just contact Dan 07702 819 920, even if it’s Saturday morning, and he’ll suggest somewhere to go (politely)


Could everyone please read through the following list and/or search for your name

·         If your name is on the list and you haven’t volunteered, let us know!!!!!

·         If your name is on the list, please check through, you may appear several times, contact us if you don’t understand anything

·         If your name isn’t on the list and you are available, let us know!!


Note that we may still swap people around but we will let you know!


NB this has also been updated on the website and may be easier to read there, depending on what sort of email you use.

Please note that you may be on the marshals list more than once (in some cases 3 times), so check the full list to see your locations.  If you have volunteered but aren’t on the list, let me know!   Also if anyone eagle eyed spots any inconsistencies e.g. one person in 2 places, let me know!

Maps of the route are on the website, identifying all the point numbers on the map.

Junior route

Senior route near Leos (section 1 and 2)

Senior route central section (section 3)

Senior route meanwood park (section 4)

Things to take with you

·         a plastic bag

·         a small screwdriver (will be explained later down this email).

·         a yellow bib or a yellow fluorescent jacket if you have either (we don’t quite have enough bibs, maybe you have one from last time!)

·         warm clothing (it can be cold standing for 1 or 2 hours especially in a wooded section)

·         if possible, print a couple of entry forms from the website

Please try to share cars if possible.  If at Leos, please park close together (and follow the car-parkers instructions!).  Also, if at Leos, note that the busiest time for getting in will be 9:15 to 9:30 so allow extra time!  If marshalling in Meanwood Park then if possible park at Meanwood end and walk up to Smithy Mills / Parkside Road because there will only be limited parking at Smithy Mills.

Anyone marshalling in Meanwood Park and traveling by car, please check at the drinks station afterwards and see if there is any rubbish (empty water bottles and cups) to take away.

All marshals should report to their team leader as shown on the separate list. You will be given a yellow bib, led round to wherever you will be marshaling, told where to stand and which direction to point (good idea!) and given two or three key phone numbers in the event of incidents.

HERE ARE YOUR CONTACT PHONE NUMBERS FOR THE DAY, ideally print this whole email but, as a minimum, copy down these numbers plus that of your team leader.

Section leaders and/or marshals around the mile markers should make contact with Dan

Marshals Instructions

If, for any reason, you are unable to marshal, then contact Dan Murray  07702 819 920

Did I say that there would be a bottle of Meanwood Meander beer for all the marshals? There will, unless there are lots of entries on the day!




Bob & Dan






Most of the jobs refer to map positions,

    see and click on Meanwood Trail. 

    Tab down one page and you’ll find links to maps.


If you have any queries, then contact your section leader

    or Dan on or myself.



BEER LABELLING Friday 7:30pm at Leos


Bob Jackson, Rob Hamilton, Rob Marsh, Steve Wilkins, Helen Stead,




- Start/Finish – Mick Tinker & Mark Hetherington

- Section 1 junior route – Mick & Ronan Loftus (7:45 start)

- Section 1 senior route - Geoff Webster & Alistair Smyth (7:45 start)

- Section 2 - Sylvia Watson & Joe Hanney (7:45 start)

- Section 3 – Holly Williams, Graham Needham (8:30 start)

- Section 4 - Ian Sanderson, Sarah Smith & Kim Threadgall (8:00 start)

Anyone else who can help please contact me or contact a section leader direct (phone numbers lower down)


ADMINISTRATION (Team Leader Rob Bumstead)  Meet 08:30 Leo’s Clubhouse


Late Entries (Junior)         Pascale Fotherby 

Late Entries (Junior)         Helen Gill

Late Entries (Senior)         Madeline Carter (leaving at 10:30)

Late Entries (Senior)         Liz Reddington -> water at clubhouse

Entries Runner                Mandy Sherman

Entries Input (Junior)        Tom Button / Helen Gill

Entries Input (Senior)        Rob Bumstead / Helen Gill

Results (Junior)              Tom Button / Mandy Sherman

Results (Senior)              Rob Bumstead / Mandy Sherman

Number collection             Eleanor Currie

Entry & General Enquiries     Rob Bumstead

Results Enquiries             Tom Button

Voucher calculation           Bob Jackson / Rob Bumstead

Triple Trail results          Tom Button / Bob Jackson

Presentations                 Bob Jackson / Hannah Borkala

Lineham Farm Enquiries        Hannah Borkala




    Meet PAUL FURNESS at Leo’s Clubhouse at 08:30


         Paul Furness -> 18(out) -> home?

         Chris Sawyer -> 18B(out) -> beer

         Ged Coll     -> 18(out) -> home

         Iain Currie  -> 18A(out)-> beer



JUNIOR RACE race starts at 10:00


    Meet GEOFF WEBSTER 07779 757 352 and Alistair Smyth at Leo's Clubhouse at 9:30


    NB all marshals listed are also working on the senior race so need to move to

       these positions as soon as the junior race finishes


Ref                                   Location / Direction


START                                 Start SE corner of field / ANTI-clockwise


Chief Marshal                         Dan Murray    

Starter                               Bob Jackson

Sweepers                              Esther Hollis (1 mile), Jo Chambers (2 mile)


101      Ollie Cheyne (lap 1)         NW corner  

102      Mick Loftus                  SW corner / through gate, turn left

102      Dawn Parton

8        Paul Smith (to finish)       Top corner of main rugby fld / Straight down field (to finish after last runner)

9/93     Ross Bibby (& Sen race)      Bottom corner of rugby field / Out and sharp right

9A/94    Alison McTrusty (& Sen race) Path forks / Bear right alongside of field

10/95    Mike Higgins                 Stone posts / Bear left

11       Richard Hollis (& Sen race)    Gate at end of path / Turn right into woods, uphill

12       Peter Lambert(& Sen race)     End of woods, by road / TURN RIGHT

98       Sean Fitzgerald(& Sen race)  Gap in wall / Through gap bear right into field

99       Alistair Smyth(& Sen race)   End of hedge on right / Turn right, across footbridge

100      Bob Jackson                  NE corner / Anticlockwise

101      Tape                         NW corner

102      Mick Loftus                  SPLIT HERE FOR SECOND LAP

Sub      -  




Finish Supervisor                     Mick Tinker

Timekeeper                            Mike Crosfill

Time Recorder                         Eileen Crosfill

Place Shouter                         Grace Thomas

Place Recorder                        Becky Murray

Tape Recorder                         Ollie Cheyne (NB At 101 for lap1) (->15->Finish)

Funnel Steward                        Paul Smith (NB at 8 until last runner) (->16->Finish)

Funnel Steward                        Alan Walsh (->17->Finish)

Results Runner / Steward              Andy Stoneman (->14->Finish)

Chocolate bars (at finish)            Sally Hudson & Sarah (Dawn Parton’s Friend)

Water (at clubhouse)                  Liz Reddington & Pat Umpleby

Referee                               Gordon Agar



SENIOR RACE starts at 10:30


SECTION 1 - GEOFF WEBSTER 07779 757 352 and Alistair Smyth - meet at Leo's Clubhouse at 9:30


    NB all marshals listed are working in the first mile and the last mile (possibly in a different position).

       You need to be in position for the last mile by 11:00 (just time for a coffee) but please ensure you know where you’ll be.


Ref                                   Location / Direction


START                                 Start SE corner of field / ANTI-clockwise

Chief Marshal                         Dan Murray    

Starter                               Bob Jackson

Sweeper                               Gillian Felton


101      tape                         NW corner /

102      Mick Loftus                  SW corner /

Start    Bob Jackson et al            SE corner /

100      tape                         NE corner /

101      tape                         NW corner /

102      Mick Loftus (& return)       SW corner / Through gate and turn right onto track

10/95    Mike Higgins (&return)       By stone posts / Continue, bear right to Stairfoot Lane

11       Richard Hollis (->96)        Gate at end of path / Turn right into woods, uphill

12       Peter Lambert (->97)         End of woods, by road / TURN RIGHT ON JUNIOR ROUTE

98       Sean Fitzgerald (& for finish)   Gap in wall / Through gap bear right into field

99A      Alistair Smyth(->99)         Continue along path

13       Ronan Loftus (->102)         Gap in wall into woods

1 mile marker between 13 and 14

14       Andy Stoneman (->Finish)     Next gap in wall /

15       Ollie Cheyne (->Finish)      Another point in woods /

16       Paul Smith (->Finish)        Top corner of woods /

17       Alan Walsh(->Finish)         Through holly tree /

18       Paul Furness                 Road / Across playing field (aim for cycle gate)

18       Ged Coll                     Road / Across playing field (aim for cycle gate)

18A      Iain Currie                  By play area

18B      Chris Sawyer                 Cycle gate / Right onto road

19       Julie McGurk  (->90)         Wooden barrier / On through gate and straight on

20       Tape                         Gate / Down good path (NB lock after last runner)

Sub      Jon & Esther Smyth 


SECTION 2 SYLVIA WATSON - meet at Leo's Clubhouse at 09:45


21       Tony Haygarth (->92)         Just before 5 ways / Left along track

30out    Gary Mann (->91)             By step up / Along track with boulders on right

30out    Sarah Howell (->91)          By step up / Along track with boulders on right

31out    John Whalley                 Cross paths / Sharp right

32out    Mary Egan                    Broken wall 6 ways / Slight left though gap in wall, across open "grass"

33out    Pete Wilkins                 Gap in wall / Through, aim for next gap

34out    Jean Wilkins                 Faint fork in path / Bear right not straight on

35out    Steve Wilkins                Gap in wall / Through and right-ish

36out    Joanna Rianga                Path joins in from left /

36A      Joe Hanney                   Path crossing / Straight down

37out    Jayne Sexton                 Access road / Bear right, then bear left

38out    Sylvia Watson                Join path under 2nd arch /

2 mile by fingerpost near arch

Sub      -



            - meet at North side of tunnel just up the steps at 10:00 PROMPT


-       NB park at Postcode LS16 8EZ but please do not park on part of road being used for race!


39out    (HW on return)               Join path after arches /

40out    Holly Williams ->39          Minor path joins in from rt / Bear left and drop down stony track   (Take Care!)

41out    Mark Woodhead                Minor path drops off to left / Continue (Take Care!)

42out    Andreas Mayer                Path joins in from left / Continue

42Aout   NEEDED / TAPE                Path straight on (Safety marshal)

43out    Graham Needham               Bridleway drops off to left / Continue

44out    Other Midwood                Old Stone Chicane

45out    GM on return                 Path joins in from left /

46out    Andy Settle                  Low Stone Chicane

47out    Gemma Midwood (->45)         Path goes off to left (to ring road) / Straight on

48Aout   Rob Hamilton                 Tunnel / "Take Care (slippery)"

48Bout                                Tunnel / "Take Care (slippery)"

Sub      -



            - meet at Parkside Road (just off (south side of) Ring Road) at 09:45

-    Postcode LS16 8EZ

   NB please do not park on part of road being used for race!

   NB if you are marshalling near Myrtle or at Meanwood end of park you could park there

      and walk to Parkside Road and so get a quick getaway


3 mile marker just before road

60/83    Ian Sanderson                Road / turn left 

60A/82B  John Umpleby                 Road crossing / cross carefully

60A/82B  Kim Threadgall               Another at Road crossing / cross carefully

60B/82A  Alun Davies                  Road crossing / cross carefully

61/82    John Bucktrout               Road / turn right onto path (through gate)

62A/81   Amanda Seims                 Bear off left up grassy field

63       tape                         using new path instead - tape

64       tape                         using new path instead - tape

65       Sarah Smith                  Gate / Turn sharp left straight up hill

66       Alex Watson-Usher            Crags / Up hill - head for gap in fence

66A      Other Watson-Usher           Gap in fence / Straight on

67       tape                         Fence on right / Straight on

68       Sarah Clark                  Cricket field ahead / Turn right

69       n/a                          House on left / Straight on

70       Carole Towler                Path forks / Bear right off main path, down hill

This is approximately half way, PLEASE LET THE RUNNERS KNOW!!!!

71       Tim Towler                   Path forks / Bear left off main path up hill

72       Bob Wilkes                   Path forks / Bear right off main path, level rather than up hill

73       tape                         T junction / (Steps come in from left). Bear right

74       John Hussey                  Fence chicane / Straight on into playing field

4 mile marker at point 74 just before going into playing field

75       Jean Hussey                  Road (playground on left) / Cross road and bear left

Drinks                                (Delivery by Richard Adcock)

Drinks   Carole Schofield’s S + 3     Drinks  (NB Carole is at 78)

Drinks                                Drinks

76       Roy Huggins                  Bridge / Cross, then turn sharp right to follow stream (collect cups)

77       n/a                          Hidden bridge (old route) / Continue

78       Carole Schofield             Pack horse bridge / Cross and straight up hill to road (collect cups)

79       Richard Adcock               Road / Cross road and then bear left along path

80       n/a                          Gate / Through

81/62A   Amanda Seims                 On new path / Continue

5 mile marker at point 81 just before leaving the park

82/61    John Bucktrout               Road / Turn left

82A/60B  Alun Davies                  Road crossing / cross carefully

82B/60A  John Umpleby                 Road crossing / cross carefully

82B/60A  Kim Threadgall               Another at Road crossing / cross carefully

This is approximately 5 miles 

83/60    Ian Sanderson                Road / Turn right onto path

Sub      -




48Bback  Rob Hamilton                 Tunnel / "Take Care (slippery)"

48Aback  (RH on way out)              Tunnel / "Take Care (slippery)"

47back   (GM on way out)              Path merges from R (from Ring Rd) /

46back   Andy Settle                  Low Stone Chicane

45back   Gemma Midwood                Path goes off to right / bear left

44back   Other Midwood                Old Stone Chicane

43back   Graham Needham               Bridleway drops off to right / Continue

42Aback  NEEDED                       Path straight on (Safety marshal)

42back   Andreas Mayer                Path goes straight on / Bear left and up

41back   Mark Woodhead                Minor path drops off to rt / Continue

40back   (HW on way out)              Minor path goes off to left / Continue

6 mile marker at point 40

39back   Holly Williams               Fork in path / Bear right to go to arches

This is approximately 6 miles

Sub      -


SECTION 2                         


38back   Sylvia Watson                Fork under 6th arch / Bear right under arch

37back   Jayne Sexton                 Access road / Bear right onto access road

36A      Joe Hanney                   Access road / Bear left off access road

36back   Joanna Rianga                Fork / Bear left

35back   Steve Wilkins                Gap in wall / Through

34back   Jean Wilkins                 Path joins in from right /

33back   Pete Wilkins                 Gap in wall / Straight through

32back   Mary Egan                    Gap in wall 6 ways / If using left gap bear right, If using right gap, bear left

31back   John Whalley                 Path crossing / Sharp left

30back   tape                         Step down / Continue past step

90       Julie McGurk                 Five ways / Straight across to pond (beware walkers and horses)

91       Gary Mann & Sarah Howell     Stone bridge /

92       Tony Haygarth                Pond / bear right over wood bridge

Sub      -


SECTION 1                         


93/9     Ross Bibby                   Field ahead / Continue on path (bear left)

94/9A    Alison McTrusty              Path forks / Bear right alongside of field

95/10    Mike Higgins                 Path / Straight across into little field, across field

96       Richard Hollis               Gap in wall / Through gap straight up crags

7 mile marker at bottom of crags (probably should be at top!)

97       Peter Lambert                Top of crags / Bear right continue through woods

98       Sean Fitzgerald              Gap in wall / Through gap bear right into field

99       Alistair Smyth               End of hedge on right / Turn right, across footbridge

100      Ronan Loftus                 NE corner / Anticlockwise

101      Tape                         NW corner /

102      Mick Loftus                  SW corner /


Sub      -  




Finish Supervisor             Mick Tinker

Timekeeper                    Mike Crosfill

Time Recorder                 Eileen Crosfill

Place Shouter                 Grace Thomas

Place Recorder                Becky Murray

Tape Recorder                 Ollie Cheyne

Funnel Steward                Paul Smith

Funnel Steward                Alan Walsh

Results Runners               Andy Stoneman

Beer (at clubhouse)           Paul Furness & Ged Coll

Water (at clubhouse)          Liz Reddington & Pat Umpleby

Referee                       Gordon Agar