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Marathon Career
Ran 1999 London marathon in 3:39
10th woman and first British woman London Marathon 2004 in 2:33:52
(pic) 29th out of 81 starters in a time of 2:41:00 in the Olympic marathon, Athens, 2004
4th in the Commonwealth Games marathon, Melbourne, 2006 in a P.B. of 2:33:13.
16th in the European Championships marathon, Gothenburg, 2006 in 2:37:34
19th in the World Championships marathon, Osaka, 2007 in 2:36:40    

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vsalbum/07gnr/TN_tracey1.jpg Great North Run - Sunday 30 September 2007
Tracey 7th in 1:13:20
Photos from Melanie Watson

TMOsaka2.jpg World Athletics Championships Marathon at Osaka - Sunday 2 September 2007
Tracey 19th in 2:36:40

Since Gothenburg:

European Athletics Championships Marathon at Gothenburg - Saturday 12 August 2006
Tracey 16th in 2:37:34.

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Distance 5k 10k 15k 20k 25k 30k 35k 40k Finish Half-way
Pos 26 29 25 25 24 21 19 17 16 25
Time 18:3137:0855:251:13:581:32:571:51:372:10:372:29:222:37:341:18:07
Behind leader 0:01 0:04 0:21 1:06 2:40 4:15 6:09 6:53 7:33 1:23
Tracey 5k split18:3118:3718:1718:33 18:59 18:40 19:00 18:45 8:12  

Since Melbourne:

Commonwealth Games Marathon at Melbourne - 19 March 2006
Tracey 4th with a PB of 2:33:13
Distance 5k 10k 15k 20k 25k 30k 35k 40k Finish Half-way
Pos 10 11 1 3 9 4 4 4 4 9
Time 18:4636:2354:201:12:241:30:291:48:272:06:282:25:042:33:131:16:25
Behind leader 0:01 0:02 0:00 0:01 0:19 0:36 1:02 1:41 2:19 0:02
Tracey 5k split18:4617:3717:5718:04 18:06 17:58 18:01 18:36 8:09  
  The lead group
  Tracey entering the stadium for the final 300 metres
  Tracey with athletics fan Liam Grech of Melbourne

More pics

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Before Melbourne:

Congratulations to Tracey, selected for the Welsh team to run the marathon in the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne on 19 March 2006

Athletics: Morris ready for challenge Dec 23 2005 Phil Blanche, Western Mail

Since Athens:

vsalbum/04tracpa/PA1194746@OLYMPICS Marathon.jpg

Congratulations to Tracey who finished 29th out of 81 starters in a time of 2:41:00 in the Olympic Marathon.
Our congratulations also to Liz Yelling 25th 2:40:13.
Congratulations to Paula Radcliffe at new York!
Full Results of Women's Marathon

New!11 photos by P.A.Photos     New!7 photos from Manchester 10k
19 photos from Athens

Congratulations to Tim Broe (pic) of Illinois Valley Striders who finished 11th in the 5000m final.

Congratulations to Tracey, 1st British woman in the London Marathon and 10th overall in a time of 2:33:52
and selected for the GB Olympic Team.

Tracey would like to thank everyone who has sent e-mails and cards, congratulating her on her run at London and her selection for the Olympic games. Thanks especially go to the support she has received from everyone at Valley Striders who have encouraged her throughout the time she has been a member. Tracey has been overwhelmed by the volume of mail, and, as she has no clerical support, has insufficient time to reply to everyone personally at this time, and hopes everyone will accept this sincere
Tracey is now in Cyprus getting in some warm weather training before departing for Athens on Thursday 19th and running the Marathon on Sunday 22nd 6pm Athens time, 4pm UK time

"Morris stepping out of the spotlight"
(from Sporting Life website 23/05/04)
Photo from Manchester 10k 23 May 2004 (photo: Sporting Life website)
"Optician Morris coping with life in the public eye"
(from Times Online website 22/05/04)
The cast for the film of the "Tracey Morris Story" is announced (written by Steve Webb)
(new 23/04/04)
"Marathon Olympian Tracey Morris"
(from UK Athletics website 20/04/04)
"Morris is a Major Inspiration"
(from UK Athletics website 20/04/04)
New photo - Steve & Tracey back at Striders HQ 20/04/04

"Olympic hope for marathon runner" (from BBC Wales website 18/04/04)

Photo from London Marathon (photo: sorry unknown)
Updated Tracey Morris profile April 2004

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Tracey's race performances:

Photos of Tracey

"Biography" (from BBC North West Wales website)

Born: 1968
Place of Birth: Holyhead
School: Holyhead Secondary School (now Holyhead High)

Famous for: Coming in the top 30 at the 2004 Athens Olympics

"The (Olympic qualifying) time was at the back of my mind, but I've never raced a marathon before so I didn't know what I was capable of."

Trivia: Tracey has a twin brother, Anthony.

Biography: Tracey Morris, nee Jones, was born and raised in Holyhead where her mother Pam Hodgson and father Gwilym Jones still live. Running is in the family, because her father Gwilym Jones, an ex-fireman, was a keen runner and her sister Kelly, 21, specialises in the sprint hurdles and is studying sports science at NEWI.

Tracey was a keen athlete whilst at school in Holyhead and was captain of the Welsh girls' running squad - reportedly at the same time Colin Jackson was boys' captain. She was a member of the Cybi Striders before moving to Bradford to study to become an optician and settling in Leeds.

Tracey didn't return to running until 2003 when she decided to keep fit and so joined the Valley Striders in Leeds. In November 2003, she entered a 10km race in Flint, not realising beforehand that it was the Welsh championships - and won the event.

Following that victory, she raced as part of Wales' cross-country team in Cardiff the same month and in a 10km race for Wales in Leeds in December. She had been invited to take Paula Radcliffe's place in that race - but Tracey refused to run in an English vest.

She had taken part in the London Marathon in 1998 as a fun runner. But on Sunday April 18 2004 she knocked an hour off her previous time, completing the 26 miles in 2 hours 33 minutes 52 seconds. She was tenth overall in the women's race, and three minutes inside the Olympic qualifying time.

So, the following Monday, Tracey got the call from the British Olympic Association and was invited to join the team in Athens this August.

"I can hardly believe it," she said. "I will now have to speak to my bosses and see if I can get the time off work. I am now hoping I can knock more time off in Athens."

Nominated by Katrina Owen from Canada

Athens Olympic Marathon - 29th place in 2:41:00, 15 minutes behind the winner.

Moment of Glory: Competing in the 2004 Olympic Games

"Island backs runner's dream" (from BBC website - 12Aug2004)

Runner Tracey Morris is carrying the hopes of her native Anglesey when she competes as part of the British team in Athens.

Morris, the fastest British woman home in the 2004 London Marathon, is due to run in the Olympic race on 22 August.

When she starts the 26-mile showpiece race at 1600 BST, her family and friends back in north Wales will be among millions worldwide watching her.

Her sisters Sarah Hodgson and Debbie Crouch are organising parties on the day to celebrate Morris' journey from Cybi Striders club runner in Anglesey to unlikely Olympic hopeful.

Sarah Hodgson, 28, said: "I am just amazed, to be honest.

"She has always been a good runner. There is obviously massive support for her - whatever she does we are really proud of her."

Morris, 36, grew up in Holyhead and spent the first 22 years of life on the island before leaving to study as an optician and settling in Leeds.

She went to Holyhead Secondary School and became captain of the Welsh girls' squad while at school.

She also ran for local club Cybi Striders on Anglesey.

But it was not until recent years that Morris returned to running seriously and her journey to the Olympic Games began.

In November 2003, she entered a 10km race in Flint and won the event.

She had taken part in the London Marathon in 1998 as a fun runner, but in April this year she knocked an hour off her previous time, finishing three minutes inside the Olympic qualifying time as the top British woman runner.

Morris has recovered from a recent back injury and will line up alongside gold medal favourite Paula Radcliffe in the British team for Athens.

"Tracey is a big star, she was a fun runner and then all of a sudden she's an Olympic runner," said Sarah Hodgson, who has been inspired to take up running by her sister.

The last time Ms Hodgson saw her sister, she was preparing to leave for the Olympics.

"I saw all of her kit, even on her holdall it says 'Great Britain Tracey Morris', it's absolutely mad," added Ms Hodgson.

"She still has got a lot of friends back home in Anglesey, it's a small place."

Morris' mother, Pamela Hodgson, who lives in Anglesey, said: "Everywhere we go, there is support for Tracey.

"My husband works in Anglesey Aluminium and they ask him every day what she is doing."

Mrs Hodgson said when her daughter comes home, she runs the same route around the island every day - apart from on Christmas Day.

She said although her daughter will not have the Welsh flag with her in Athens, she is planning to put red dragon stickers on her drink bottles.

She added: "Tracey rang me last night, she is quite nervous,.

"She didn't have any pressure on her for the London marathon but there is a lot on her now."

Mrs Hodgson said she knows of three Olympic parties being organised by her daughter's supporters to coincide with the race in Athens.

At the optician where Morris used to work - Alton Murphy, in Holyhead - manageress Carmen Lewis said: "We worked together, it is fantastic and amazing to get as far as Tracey has.

"She has done really well, it's brilliant."

Former Cybi Striders club-mate, Glyn Williams, added: "I am absolutely delighted for her, she's a Holyhead girl - lovely and vivacious," he said.