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BBC Wales - Raise Your Game - 11 August 2004

CONCENTRATION : Techniques and tips from Tracey Morris

Get some tips on concentration from an Olympic marathon runner.

I set goals higher than I think I can achieve and then focus on reaching them.

I was driven in the Olympic Marathon in Athens by having being given an opportunity to do something so important and not wanting to let anyone down. I wanted to prove that I deserved my place.

It was really important to me to remember all the people in the stadium who had come to support me (particularly friends and family) and not to let them down.

I kept thinking of the pride I would have at reaching the end having done my best.

I kept my concentration by breaking the race down into segments (2.5 km and 5kms each ) . Each segment kept me busy concentrating on collecting drinks, sponging down etc.

I had to concentrate on keeping cool!

As I ran, I was mentally blocking out the aches and pains.