From: Dave Middlemas

Sent: 23 September 2007 17:15
To: Valley Striders (Bob Jackson)

Sun 23 Sept


Hi Bob - Given the forthcoming AGM mentioned on your most recent email, please could I raise something that I think would be useful to talk about at the meeting.


Since it was posted on the website Ive been interested to read our original constitution from 1982. I appreciate that the document is largely of historical interest connected to our recent anniversary (eg shame the membership subs dont still apply!). However, as someone who in his real life at work advises voluntary organisations on matters such as writing constitutions, it did occur to me that a large (and growing) membership organization like Valley Striders could benefit from working to an updated version of the constitution, for two main reasons:

to allow all members to have a common understanding of club rules.

to clarify responsibilities, not least amongst the committee.


I thought this subject could potentially be of interest to (at least some) Club members, so if it could go on the agenda of the AGM and any information sent out in advance it would be appreciated.