Max's World Records as at 31 December 1998

Max Jones at Megan's Run 3 Oct 98 setting a new M70 Commonwealth Record for 100km
(photo by Steve Fritz)

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Report from Steve Fritz: Max broke an age group record for 100km but he stopped after that. He fell/collapsed as he approached the 100km record mark, but was able to get up and cross it, however, that was all he could do. He is OK now. Because of the nearly constant rain, he had difficulty judging his fluid/carbo intake. He got fluid overloaded and then later on carbo underloaded by his estimation. Fun time was had by all.


M65-69 Road

M65-69 Track

M70-74 Road

M70-74 Track

30 miles


xwr 3:57:13 25May96

(WR Bob Emmerson h:mm:ss 1Mar98)


BR 4:07:50 27Sep97

50 km


xwr 4:05:56 25May96

(WR Bob Emmerson h:mm:ss 1Mar98)


WR 4:16:12 27Sep97

40 miles


xbr 5:38:26 25May96

(BR Bob Emmerson h:mm:ss 1Mar98)


WR 5:49:50 27Sep97

50 miles

WR 6:51:22 21May95

xwr 7:07:11 25May96

(WR Geoff Oliver 7:01:44 10Oct98)


WR 7:34:32 27Sep97

100 km

CR 9:13:56 23May93

xcr 10:13:58 12Oct96

(CR Geoff Oliver 9:20:38 10Oct98)

CR 9:54:00 10May98

xwr 10:31:31 2Aug97

(WR Max Courtillon 9:53:11 17Sep98)

CR 10:08:13 3Oct98

12 hours


xcr 116.812k 12Oct96

(CR Geoff Oliver 10Oct98)


WR 109.600k 2Aug97

150 km


xbr 16:45:36 24May97

(BR Geoff Oliver 10Oct98)


WR 16:56:19 2Aug97

100 miles


xbr 18:27:59 24May97

(BR Geoff Oliver 17:20:51 10Oct98)


WR 18:16:49 2Aug97



(BR Geoff Oliver 22:12:13 10Oct98)



24 hours


xbr 177.430k 24May97 (110miles440yds)

(BR Geoff Oliver 213.843km 10Oct98)


WR 191.019k 2Aug97 (118miles1220yards)












23May93 Holme Pierrepont

25May96 Doncaster

10May98 Greenwich

2Aug97 Hull


21May95 Holme Pierrepont

12Oct96 Tooting Bec


27Sep97 Portland Oregon



24May97 Doncaster


3Oct98 Portland Oregon













BR = British Record
CR = Commonw'lth Rec
WR = World Record


xbr = former British Rec
xcr = former C'wealth Rec
xwr = former World Rec