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Subject: Harewood Marshals – we’ve just enough but if you come along we can definitely find you something to do!


Harewood Marshals List








THANK YOU to everyone who has volunteered so far to help this Sunday. I am pleased to see many of our newer members on the list many of whom ran the recce run. I am also pleased that most of the regular team leaders are on duty again. Some of us (i.e. including myself) are showing our age, so you younger Striders, watch what goes on and maybe take a bigger role next year!!!


All marshals should report to their team leader as shown below. You will be given a bright yellow bib, told which direction to point (good idea!) and given two or three key phone numbers in the event of incidents. Ideally please can you print an entry form from the website, then if anyone asks what is going on, the entry form explains a lot, you can also mention that this race is expected to raise over £3,000 for Lineham Farm and Yorkshire Air Ambulance.


HERE ARE YOUR CONTACT PHONE NUMBERS FOR THE DAY, ideally print the whole email but, as a minimum, copy down these numbers plus that of your team leader.


Marshalling problems – John Wallace 07855 809 762

Non emergency first aid and site issues - also John Wallace

Vital problems with race route (runners off course) or general public - Bob Jackson 07775 898 558

Emergency medical problems - St John Ambulance – Martin Lockwood 07816 360507 or 07917 243103

Emergency site problems on Harewood Estate – Harewood 24-hour 0113 288 6136 


Section leaders should make contact with the following section leader and with John as the first runner approaches their section.


Section leaders should also make John aware of when the last runner passes


As runners pass, please could marshals

- make sure runners they go the right way,

- monitor potential incidents

- phone 999 in case of medical emergency

- phone Harewood Estate and/or St John in case of medical problems

- cheer on the runners appropriately

- ensure no issues with walkers and riders (they have equal rights to use the paths) - please ask them to walk/ride on the LEFT

- tell walkers and riders what’s going on – 10th year, 800 runners, £3000 shared between Lineham Farm and Yorkshire Air Ambulance

After the last runner passes, marshals should collect any signs, tape etc in their vicinity and return it to their section leader, then either proceed to their next job or go home and take a well deserved rest (or run)


If, for any reason, you are unable to marshal, then up till Saturday, please contact me by email or on 07775-898-558. But if you are ill on Sunday contact your team leader on the mobile number below or John Wallace 07855 809 762


As at today (29 Sept) we had just over 410 entries for the 10 mile race and just over 85  for the 2 mile so are on schedule for 700+ runners which is a few up on last year.



Race Entry Form Hander-outers at races – Eric Green, Alan Hutchinson, Ian Rosser, Dan Murray and others

Beer – Paul Briscoe


BEER LABELLING - team leader Paul Hunter 07980-737-313


FRIDAY 5pm to 6pm at Harewood Village Hall

The Hunter family, Paul Briscoe plus anyone else available please (contact Paul to confirm start time)


RACE START & FINISH SET UP - team leader Bob Jackson start 08:15 !!!!


Start & Finish Setup - Mick Tinker, John Wallace, Peter Lambert

Site and Road Signage - Jonathan Brownbill, Joel Giddings




Two marshals to stand by the Village Hall and direct any runners who have sneaked past the main gate to go back the way they’ve come – TBA, TBA


ADMIN (Village Hall) - team leader Steve Webb - 07795-367-239


Entry takers to arrive by 08:30.


2 mile race entries – Dave Middlemas & Xanthe Hannah

10 mile race entries – Jo Briscoe & Sara Dyer

Collect on day – Rob Hamilton

Enquiry desk (also collect on day) – Steve Webb

Key Storage - TBA

2 mile computer results – Tom Button & Xanthe Hannah

10 mile computer results – Dave Middlemas & Lewis Balfour

10 mile results checking – Tom Button & Xanthe Hannah

Prize lists (both races) – Xanthe Hannah & Steve Webb

Food and drinks – Hannah Scott + Lineham volunteers (please park at the Village Hall)

Beer - John & Pat Umpleby

Presentations - Bob Jackson & Hannah Scott


INFORMATION TENT (corner of Showfield nearest Village Hall) – Jonathan Brownbill  07967 698 186


FINISH MANAGEMENT & RECORDERS - team leader Paul Hunter 07980-737-313

Meet at the information tent just inside showfield near Village Hall at 09:30


Timekeepers - Mick Tinker, Eileen Crosfill

Place Recorders - Ken Kaiser, Kathy Kaiser, Paul Hunter (deputy)

Tape recorder (spot times) - Max Jones

Race Referee – Alex Grant (running race)

Clock – Mick Tinker

Finish Line Judge – Ian Sanderson

Chief Funnel Marshal – Mick Loftus

Funnel Marshals (2 mile) – Kevin McMullan - also marshalling 10 mile at point 28A

Funnel Marshals (10 mile) – Andy Thorpe, Chris Sawyer and others as available

Results Runners – Drew Taylor, Rob Hamilton and others as available

Medals (2 mile) - Christine & Charlotte Bradbourne & Fiona & Natasha Simons

Water (2 mile) – Steve Cripps, Peter Cranston and others as available

Spot Prizes and Up & Running Vouchers (10 mile) – Christine & Charlotte Bradbourne

Water (10 mile) - Steve Cripps, Peter Cranston, Paul Furness, and others as available


CHIEF MARSHAL – John Wallace 07855 809 762



2 MILE RACE 10:00


Note that the race route is 1,2,3A,3B,1,2,4,2,1


SHOWFIELD AND 2 MILE MARSHALS - team leader Paul Hunter 07980-737-313

Meet at the information tent just inside showfield near Village Hall at 09:30


Bob Jackson - Starter

Rob Bumstead (point 1) - near church

Peter & Joyce Lambert and Adam Parton (2) - cattle grid - also marshalling 10 mile here

John Umpleby (3A) – electric gate towards village hall – also marshalling 10 mile at 6

Pat Umpleby (3B) - turn runners – also marshalling 10 mile at 6

Andy Thorpe (3C) - back into showfield – also marshalling 10 mile at  6A

Nick Barnes (4) - bottom of hill - also marshalling 10 mile here

Paul Sanderson (4) - bottom of hill – (before moving on to 27 for the 10 mile)

Also please could Michaela McGarry stand on the steepest part of the hill to encourage the runners (before moving on to 27A/28 for the 10 mile)

10 MILE RACE 10:35


The race start is the same as 2007/8 (but different from earlier years) – it is INSIDE the showfield directly opposite the 2 mile start and race finish.  It will now head along the edge of the showfield parallel to the road and exit the showfield near the Arch.  The race will cross the main access road to the house near the arch.  We will marshal in the showfield, the Estate staff will marshal the road (stopping the traffic).


There is a route change from last year. The route for 2009 will then go straight ahead through the gate and down the field, then turn left to where the old barns used to be, and turn right onto the permissive path.


KEEP RUNNERS OFF ROAD AT START (from 10:20) – Not required!


STARTER - Bob Jackson


FIELD & PERMISSIVE PATH - team leader Drew Taylor 07808-726-116

meet near arch at 10:20, first runners 10:36


Christine Redshaw, and others as available M5.1 M5.2 (5) – in Showfield crossing the road near the Arch

John & Pat Umpleby (6) – direct down field  (then to beer)

David Bass (6A) - part way down the field (then to marshal with Eddie around 9 mile mark)

Andy Thorpe (6A) – bottom of field  (then to funnel marshal)

Drew Taylor (7A) – by derelict barns, turning runners onto permissive path


1 mile marker


WIKE LANE END TO NEW BRIDGE - team leader Paul Furness 07738-297-634

report at Wike Lane End 10:10, first runners 10:40, last runners 11:00


Gate (8) no marshal required – tie gate back

Paul Furness (9) second gate near Wike Lane End (then at finish)

Chris Sawyer (10) third gate near Wike Lane End (then at finish)

not required (11)

2 mile marker

Jane Haworth (12) gate before bridge

Yellow arrow (12A) turn left after bridge

Rob Anderson (13) turn right


EMMERDALE - team leader Hayley Nancolas 07980-572-058

report at Emmerdale 10:20, first runners 10:50


NB these marshals have different locations on return route


Mark Robinson (13A) approaching Emmerdale – will then move to (14) when last runner passes

Hayley Nancolas & Ian Rosser & Eirik Stangnes (14) turn left at cross paths – Ian Rosser will move to 25 and Eirik Stangnes to 26 before first runner arrives back

3 mile marker

Sharon Tansley & Ruth Warren & Jenny Wharton (15) straight on – Sharon Tansley to move to (24A) and Ruth Warren to (24B) 10 minutes after first runners are through otherwise we are in trouble!



WATER TREATMENT WORKS - team leader Tony Haygarth 07900-947-980

report at Water Treatment Works 10:25, first runners 10:55, last runners 11:25


Richard King (16) NEW MARSHAL POINT new gate halfway between Emmerdale and WTW

Carole Towler (17) gate

No marshal (17A) turn on road

Tony Haygarth TBA (18) into narrow path

4 mile marker

Tim Towler (19) out of narrow path

Greg Skerrett and family (20) by 1st lodge, at gate from dam onto path


ECCUP RESERVOIR - team leader Ian Place 07980-033-998

report at Lodge 10:30, first runners 11:00, last runners 11:45


NB for water station, Ken and Kathy delivering water barrels, I will deliver tables and cups to Mary


M20A TBA (20A) new position, halfway round Res

5 mile marker

Ian Place (21) gate at end of path

Carole & 4 Schofields - drinks station

Dinesh Kaulgud (21A) - start of path after lodge, with drinks bin

Mary Egan (21B) - end of path then into field, with drinks bin


GOODRICK PLANTATION – team leader Eric Cusack 07833-337-289

report at Eric’s stile 10:30, first runners 11:00, last runners 11:45


6 mile marker

Eric & Margaret Cusack (22) - stile

David Cusack (22A) broken stile end of narrow path


ECCUP - team leader Paul White 07985-019-828

report just before last farm (park in layby before no entry sign) 10:40, first runners 11:10, last runners 12:00


NB Caution Runners signs on Eccup Moor Road


NB tape round waterlogged section of path just before stile

Paul White, Bob Wilkes (23) stile onto road

John Bucktrout (23A) opposite house with big wood gates (blind corner) (NEW POSITION)

M23B TBA (23B) first road

Sue Sunderland (23C) second road

Helen Smith & Malcolm Coles (24) just before farm (where red barrels used to be), turn left onto Ebor Way

7 mile marker


EMMERDALE AGAIN - team leader Hayley Nancolas 07980-572-058

report at Emmerdale 10:20, first runners 11:15, last runners 12:15


Sharon Tansley (24A) last but one right-hand corner NEW MARSHAL POINT

8 mile marker

Ruth Warren (24B) blind right-hand corner

Jenny Wharton (15) T junction turn left

Hayley Nancolas & Mark Robinson (14) cross paths turn left

Ian Rosser (25) hairpin sharp right

Eirik Stangnes (26) turn left into rutted track (this corner also to be taped)


CARR HOUSE, STANK & ESTATES OFFICE - team leader Simon Redshaw 07973-673-115

report at triangle at bottom of hill (point 4) 10:40 (some of you will be already at point 4, some will be cheering on 2 mile race).  Simon is running 2 mile so will pick you up at 10:40.  First runners 11:20, last runners 12:30


Simon Redshaw (26A) Carr House Farm

Paul Sanderson (27) gate by walled garden

NB Arrows at top of hill to bear left

9 mile marker

Kevin McMullan (27A) Stank cross roads (was funnel marshal for 2 mile)

TBA (28) gate at Harewood offices 

David Bass & Eddie Robinson (28A) cattle grid  (was funnel marshal for 2 mile)

Nick Barnes (4) (also marshalling 2 mile here)

Peter & Joyce Lambert and Adam Parton (2) cattle grid (also marshalling 2 mile here)

NB Turn to Church to be taped


SWEEPER – Hazel Adams 07725-013-604


*** end *** 


P.S. A bottle of beer for everyone who marshals but please let the runners have theirs first




Currently running - JJ Cranston, Andrew Thompson, Meryll Cripps, Joel Giddings, Panos