VSCC Awards - Christmas 2014

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VSCC Grand Prix


Andy Stoneman

96 Points

VSCC Grand Prix


Danny Murray

59 Points

VSCC Grand Prix


John Bucktrout

47 Points

King of Mountains

Carl McCreddin

438,767 Feet – (100 times the height of Ben Nevis)

NB Andy Stoneman a close second only 1,198 feet behind

Queen of Mountains

Caroline Tolan

124,501 Feet

NB Hannah Stoneman a close second with 122,044 feet

Monster Miles

Andy Stoneman

7,481 Miles – (900 miles short of cycling Leeds to Australia!)

Most Improved Riders

Anna Hobbs and Katherine Hogg


Warrior Award

Carl McCreddin

For being the most regular, consistent rider, out in all conditions, wind, rain, snow and ice

Chapeau Award

Bill McCaffrey

For his 205+ mile ride on the Tommy Godwin

Broom Wagon Award

Howard King

For being off his bike more than on it and for always bonking on rides (that’s hitting the wall in runner speak!)

A special mention

Gav Taylor

for being signed up by the Vertex Race Team