Valley Striders


Annual General Meeting

16 October 2007



Bob opened the meeting welcoming those present to the 25th AGM. Attendees were given a sheet detailing highlights of the year and club accounts for 2006/7.


Apologies: Stuart St John who sent best wishes especially to Joyce & Max; Steve O’Callaghan; Andrew Cutts; Mark Bean, John & Pat Umpleby, Alan Hutch, Sara Dyer.


Attendance: 36 members were present.




Secretary Geoff announced that he hadn’t received any letters. Following hosting the Yorkshire Vets race in May very successfully at Old Leos, he had received a phone call this evening from the vets secretary asking if we would put the race on again in 2008. Geoff’s concern is the large number of marshals needed (see later discussion). Geoff encouraged all those over 35yrs to have a go at the Vets races, all have a good atmosphere like ours though our race was over tougher terrain than the average. Noteworthy success during the year was Caz & Simon Vallance, 1st mixed team in the Yorkshireman Off road Marathon. Forthcoming events: Burley Bridge Hike 20miles on 20 Nov where jam sandwiches can be enjoyed on route; Three Peaks in April which next year will incorporate the World Mountain Running Championship with an increased entry fee of £18 (only £6 a peak), qualification races are not as tough as usual but early entry is essential and possible on line in Nov; the Calderdale Way Relay is on 9 Dec and we need 2 more wimin. The leaders in our Fell Championship are Caz in 1st place and Laura in 2nd.


Bob pointed out that the sec’s report had included the Vets Report, the Fell running report, and the Fell Competition report.


Treasurer Paul White presented the easy-to-understand accounts. There is a deficit of £101 this year against an excess of £799 last year: there had been the donation towards the women’s showers, payments from members for the anniversary T shirts were still outstanding, the trophy for Tracey and the banners for the 25th anniversary were extra expenditures this year. However there had been an increase in the number of paid up members. Dave Middlemas asked why the income from our races didn’t appear and Bob pointed out that this goes direct to Lineham Farm and is not therefore in the accounts. Bob suggested we should get Tracey’s trophy engraved with her appearance in the World Championships this year in Osaka which would cost about £70: this was agreed.


Road Once again our star performer was Tracey who was selected to run the marathon in the World Championships in Japan in Aug where she had another exceptional run finishing in 19th position. Paul Hunter reported that 100 men and 46 women had taken part in road races this year with just one out right winner in Gary Shipley at the Scunthorpe 10k. No information had been received for the Yorkshire, Northern or National road relays. The Sec will look into this.


Cross Country Drew pointed out that the Yorkshires are at ???? on 5 Jan, the Northerns are in Roundhay Park on 26 Jan, and the Nationals are at Alton Towers on 23 Feb. The club has been approached to help at the Northerns and it’s expected that we’ll be given a part of the course to marshal, the women marshalling while the men run and vice versa. This was the format when the Nationals were last held at Roundhay and very enjoyable it was too. At the 1st West Yorkshire race last weekend only 4 women ran out of 13 entered, and they finished in 12th position out of 20 teams. Drew said a system was needed to ensure a bigger turnout as these races are team not just individual races. The 1st Sports Direct race is on 11 Nov at Woodkirk and we need 6 people to volunteer to marshal. Last year the women but not the men were promoted.


Relays Bob reported that the women’s team was 1st team in the Leeds Country Way with Erica and Sharon being the fastest on leg one; the vets were the 2nd team, the ‘A’ team were 4th and the ‘B’ team 16th Bob suggested we could have 5 teams next year. Co-organiser, Paul Furness, suggested 3: it was agreed to comprise at 4. The Harrogate Ringway Relay takes place on the 1st Sunday in Jan and last year clashed with other events so we didn’t field a team: no clash expected in 2008 so Bob will be recruiting teams. We had two teams in the Bradford Millenium Relay and we plan to win back both the vets and mixed team titles in 2008.


Fell running Steve Webb gave an entertaining report. We didn’t have a team entered in the Fell Relay Championships in Bowland last weekend for which he apologised. We didn’t have a team in the Will Ramsbottom relay on Ilkley Moor because the date hadn’t been publicised (!) by the organisers, Pudsey & Bramley. The Calderdale Way relay is on the 9th Dec this year. Last year the mixed team were 2nd mixed in this classic 50 mile event run in pairs. Steve likened it to the Leeds Country Way with added millstone grit. Steve mentioned that the Withins Skyline fell race, the only fell race with a literary connection and at which all finishers receive a curley wurley, was coming up. Paul Hunter and Andrew Cutts photo had featured in the Fell Running magazine with Geoff in the background (visible using a magnifying glass). Steve recommended watching “Adrenaline Rush” for an insight into fell running (4am on Channel 4).


Grand Prix Paul White reported that nineteen members have run in 8+ races this year and many more have run in 6 or 7 races. The subcommittee will select next year’s races. Information about the races is on the website.


Performance awards In the absence of Alan Hutch, Bob explained that 5 performances at a particular grade results in the award being made. Tim Towler was presented with his award: 13 Striders have now achieved an award. Paul Hunter updates the award information. A request was made for PB info to be forwarded to Erica, including PBs done by members before they became members of VS.


Valley Striders Annual Review In the absence of Eric Green, Bob reported. Newsletters are no longer produced as Bob no longer has the time and no one else has volunteered to produce them. Communication is now by email with 186 out of 196 members on email. The year’s review will be out before the end of 2007.


Web Site Admin Bob reported that this was going very well.


Coaches Bob reported that both Max and George Black were contactable by phone or email. He reminded members that within the club were members with vast experience in racing. Max used to have a ‘Coaches Column’ in the newsletters and suggested he could offer advice via the weekly emails; he commented that he has a lot of experience to pass on and has coached people from 20+ yrs to 70+ yrs.


Valley Striders Kit Hooded shower proof jackets (white logo on black) are still available for £19. Orders for anniversary T shirts will be closing soon. Orders for both should be placed with Paul Hunter.


Race Reports Bob reported that a record number of entries was received for the Meanwood Valley Trail Race and he closed the entries before race day: a total of £1500 was raised for Lineham Farm. Mick Tinker reported that about £5000 was raised for the British Heart Foundation at the Pulse Race in Roundhay Park. About 25 marshals from the club helped out and there was some trouble with traffic but it was a good event particularly for juniors & families. Marshals will be needed again next year though the charity may not be BHF. At the Cancer Research 10k at Harewood, 12 Valley Striders marshalled, about 1200 took part completing in times between  36mins and 2.25 hrs, about £40000 was raised. Entries were slightly down in the Harewood Trail Race when £2500 was raised for Lineham Farm. Bob thanked the marshals for their support.


Discussion followed about the races we would put on next year. The date of the Meanwood Valley Trail Race would change to after the end of the rugby season and may be held in May, perhaps the Saturday after the Leeds half marathon. The vets race would again be an evening race but in June rather than May. Should we support the Cancer Research 10k? We will ask if our help is needed. What is our aim in putting on races: mass participation and fund raising or to host an event for runners from clubs? There was a great atmosphere after the race for club runners (the vets race). There is concern about getting enough marshals if we put on several races.


Election of Club Officials


Club Captain: Steve O’Callaghan

Club Sec: Geoff Webster

Chair: Bob Jackson (a new post proposed by Paul White)

Treasurer: Paul White

Women’s joint road & cross country captains: Carole Schofield, Hayley Nancolas & Laura Clark (Laura is currently climbing Annapurna solo without oxygen and will resume her women’s capt role on her return)

Men’s joint road & cross country captains: Drew Taylor & Paul Hunter

Fell Captain: Steve Webb

Fell Competition Secs: Geoff Webster & John Hallas

Vets Captains: Geoff Webster & Sylvia Watson

Coaches: Max Jones & George Black

Race Directors: Bob Jackson, Mick Tinker, Geoff Webster

Assistant Race director: Dan Murray (a new post in case of illness of race director)

Grand Prix organisers: Paul White & Alan Hutch

Performance Awards & PBs: Alan Hutch, Paul Hunter, Erica Hiorns

‘Valley Striders Review’ editor: Eric Green

Web site administrator: Bob Jackson

Archivist: (a new post which remains vacant)


Agenda Items for Discussion


Club Constitution Dave Middlemas had offered to lead a review of the Club Constitution. Sylvia, Paul White, Bob and Geoff volunteered to assist.


Club Subs/Membership Cards/CRB checks No increase in subs: £12 including £3 affiliation to UKA for 1st claim members; £9 for second claim members; £3 for social members ie volunteers/supporters who don’t run and therefore don’t pay £3 affiliation to UKA; £6 including £3 affiliation to UKA for juniors. Current membership cards haven’t been received although Bob sent off to UKA 6 weeks ago. Bob will be sending a list of club members to Up & Running. The club now has the means to complete CRB forms. It’s not known if there’s a charge for the 1st Aid courses which has to be attended before qualification can be awarded. A Health & Safety course was held in Leeds this week: no Valley Striders attended.


Club vests discussion re change of club logo maybe adding ‘Leeds’ and ‘Leeds UK’ for those racing abroad. No decision was made: this will be discussed by the committee.


Training Suggestion made to hold the 400m Tuesday night session at the track at Carnegie/Becketts Park at a charge of £2.25 per person. It was agreed Bob should look further into this. The Thurs training sessions from Scothall Sports Centre were discussed: Paul Furness reported that the group has 8 or 9 regulars with up to 20 on occasions. There was a suggestion for a fast & a slow group because of the wide range of ability, however this puts off slow runners. Some of the regular runners are not members: are they covered by our insurance? To be looked into by the committee. Tim Towler reported that Sunday training from Smithy Mills has dropped off. There are problems training with a group of varying standards over 16miles and it tends to be cliquish. The size of the group tends to pick up towards the London Marathon, it can be up to 10 but often less. Tim said more coordination is needed and he will send more information to members via email. Simon Vallance wants an off road long  Sunday run perhaps from Smithy Mills.


Photos are on the website so members can be known to each other. These are put on the site without members’ agreement.


Fundraising for Valley Striders Paul Hunter told members a link could be put on the website through which members could make purchases with a cash amount from the advertising going to the club at no cost to the individual. It was queried why we should be making money for the company advertising. Bob agreed to look further into this. Money raised could be spent buying a bigger club tent.


Christmas handicap is on Sun 30 Dec.


Christmas meal is on Fri 14 Dec at a cost of £9.


London Marathon places:club sec was reminded to apply for these




·        Valley Striders Car Stickers: Paul Hunter brought some samples and will get them priced.

·        Pie & Peas: Patrick proposed we have a dessert and this was seconded by Dan Murray. The proposal was carried. Tony agreed to provide apple pie & cream.

·        EGM re ARC Paul Briscoe requested that it be minuted that we held an EGM earlier in the year re ARC. The committee will discuss and feed back. Max mentioned that the standard at the recent ARC half marathon championship was low.