Please do your 2% for Valley Striders!

There will be a meeting for Valley Striders Athletics Club (i.e. running) members at Leos at 8:30pm on Tuesday 4 October. 

The meeting is to discuss dividing the "activities" of Valley Striders into about10 areas
- Treasury/Accounts
- Recruitment
- Coaching/Training
- Internal Competition
- External Competition
- Social
- Events (races)
- Communications
- Fell Running (or included in above)
- Juniors

... and having about 5 people to "look after" each area ...

... which would mean that each person who volunteers will be looking after 2% (on average) of the activities of the club.

For more information see - there is a document that lists the activities in each area, although I'm sure we have missed some.

All members are welcome to come to the meeting, whether or not they have been to either of the previous 2 meetings.

If you are interested in being involved in one (or more) of these areas then come along to the meeting and/or email

Note that this doesn't mean that you would be on the committee, but ideally one person from each area would attend committee meetings (and would not need to be the same person every time).

NB we already have 1 or 2 volunteers for most areas.

We will be eating while talking, email with your order (meat or veggie lasagne).

Latest time for orders (and cancellations) is 10pm Sunday 2 October).

Hope to see you on Tuesday!

Early Food

P.S. There will be food (but no meeting) for juniors and parents at 7:15pm, email with your order (don't worry about strange error messages)